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Name Trivia Questions

Free fun trivia questions and answers about names.


Name Trivia Questions

Peggy is a nickname for what girls name?
A:  Margaret.

Thomas means what?
A: Twin.

What element comes from the Greek meaning lazy?
A: Argon.

Stewart Goddard became a pop hit as who?
A: Adam Ant.

Amy ,the girls name means what?
A: Beloved.

The name of which fabric is named after the Persian word for spun?
A: Taffeta.


The family name Perkins means what?
A: The Rock.

From Greek, Alexander means what?
A: Defender of men.

A primate called a Galago has what more common term?
A: Bush Baby.

George means what?
A: Farmer.

Which star means chained maiden?
A: Andromeda.

Azote was the original term for what element?
A: Nitrogen.

What does the boys name Neil mean?
A: Champion


Old Dominion was a nickname of which US state?
A: Virginia.

Elaine Bookbinder became more famous as who?
A: Elkie Brooks.

What playing card is sometimes called Palas?
A: Queen of spades

Who was Lois Lanes stewardess sister?
A: Lucy Lane.

John Glens first orbiting craft was called the what?
A: Friendship 7

From Greek, Irene means what?
A: Peace

In the wild west, what was a motherless calf called?
A: Dogie