Major League Baseball Trivia Quiz Questions

Free Major league baseball trivia quiz questions with answers.


Major League Baseball Questions and Answers

Q: What song do baseball fans break into when Mitch Williams steps out of the bullpen?
A:Wild Thing.

Q: Whose 1996 single to center, in his first regular season at-bat, was the first hit by a Red Sox pitcher in 24 years?
A: Roger Clemens.

Q: Who was the American League base-stealing champ for nine years in the 1980s?
A: Rickey Henderson

Q: Who was the winningest active major league baseball manager before he retired in 1996?
A: Tommy Lasorda.

Q: Which finger on a pitcher's throwing hand controls a curve ball and slider?
A: The middle.

Q: What former Negro League player is the only pitcher in the Hall of Fame with a losing major league record?
A: Satchel Page.


Q: Who was the only pitcher to lead the National League in strikeouts three times during the 1980s?
A: Steve Carlton.

Q: What clan consisting of Ray, Bob and Bret became the first three-generation family to play major league baseball?
A: The Boone Family.

Q: Who set a major league record for the fewest errors by a shortstop, with three in 1990?
A: Cal Ripkin Jr.

Q: Who was the only major leaguer to play at least 500 games with each of four teams - Houston, Montréal, New York and Detroit?
A: Rusty Staub 

Q:  Which two cities have ballparks honoring Number 44 above the outfield fence?
A: Atlanta and Milwaukee.

Q: Who returned from a stint in Japan to pound 51 home runs in 1990?
A: Cecil Fielder.


Q: Who was the only baseballer to lay over 500 games at each of five different positions?
A: Pete Rose.

Q: What former Yankee southpaw explained how to doctor a baseball in the 1977 article "Confessions of a Gunkball Artist"?
A: Whitey Ford.

Q: Who has the most wins in Dodgers history-- Don Drysdale, Sandy Koufax or Don Sutton?
A: Don Sutton.

Q: Who led the National League in ERA in each of his last five seasons, ending in 1966?
A: Sandy Koufax.

Q:  What two Yankees were nearly traded to Milwaukee for pitcher Warren Spahn and slugger Hank Aaron in 1960?
A: Whitey Ford and Mickey Mantle.

Q: What late, great Dodgers pitcher was known to fans as "Double D"?
A:  Don Drysdale.


Q: What pitch does a batter face when Dwight Gooden throws his "yacker"?
A: A curve ball.

Q: What 50-year old minor league pitcher did 57,000 fans crowd the Orange Bowl to watch in 1956?
A: Satchel Page. 

Q: What Nicaraguan-born baseballer was known as "Arriba!" to adoring Latin fans?
A: Roberto Clemente.

Q: What commissioner of baseball was named after a Civil War battle fought in Georgia?
A:  Kenesaw Mountain Landis.

Q: What homer hitter is known as "The Big Hurt"?
A: Frank Thomas. 

Q: Who was the last graduate of the Negro Leagues to retire from major league baseball?
A: Hank Aaron.


Q: What 1995 World Series teams were both picketed by the American Indian Movement?
A: The Atlanta Braves and Cleveland Indians. 

Q: How many home run titles did Roger Maris win?
A: One.

Q: What catcher replaced Mel Allen as TV announcer for the Yankees in 1964?
A: Joe Garagiola.

Q: What two players are tied for second behind Ty Cobb in total career runs?
A: Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth.