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James Buchanan Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

Trivia quiz questions about President James Buchanan.


James Buchanan Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

Who was the 15th President of the United States?
A: James Buchanan

Where was James Buchanan born?
A: Buchanan was born in a log cabin in Cove Gap.

When was President Buchanan born?
A: On April 23, 1791.

Who was Buchanan’s father?
A: James Buchanan, Sr., a businessman, merchant, and farmer.

Who was Buchanan’s mother?
A: Elizabeth Speer, an educated woman.

James Buchanan’s parents were both of what descent?
A: Ulster Scots, the father emigrated from Donegal, Ireland in 1783.

How many siblings did James Buchanan have?
A: He had six sisters and four brothers.


Where did the family move to in 1797?
A: Mercersburg, Pennsylvania.

Buchanan’s home in Mercersburg was later turned into the what?
A: James Buchanan Hotel.

Buchanan attended the village academy, and later attended what college?
A: Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

Buchanan graduated with honors on what date from Dickinson?
A: September 19, 1809.

Later that year, Buchanan moved to Lancaster, where he studied law and was what?
A: Admitted to the Bar.

Buchanan was a dedicated Federalist, initially opposing what war because he believed it was an unnecessary conflict?
A: War of 1812.

When the British invaded Maryland, Buchanan joined a volunteer light dragoon served in the what?
A: Defense of Baltimore.


James Buchanan is the only president that had military experience but never served as a what?
A: Officer.

James was an active Freemason, and he was the Master of what Masonic Lodge?
A: Masonic Lodge No. 43 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Buchanan was also a “what” of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.?
A: District Deputy Grand Master.

Where did James Buchanan start his political career?
A: In the Pennsylvania House of Representatives from 1814 to 1816 as a member of the Federalist Party.

Buchanan was elected to the 17th United States Congress and to how many succeeding Congresses?
A: Four (March 4, 1821 – March 4, 1831).

Buchanan also served as chairman of the what?
A: U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary in the 21st United States Congress.

In 1830, James Buchanan was one of the members appointed by the House to conduct what?
A: Impeachment proceedings against James H. Peck, judge of the United States District Court for the District of Missouri.


Buchanan, appointed by Andrew Jackson, served as Minister to what country from 1832 to 1833?
A: Russia.

James was chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations during what period?
A: 1836 to 1841.

Buchanan served in what position under Polk from 1845 to 1849, despite objections from Buchanan's rival, Vice President George Dallas?
A: Secretary of State.

In 1852, Buchanan was named president of the Board of Trustees of what college?
A:  Franklin and Marshall College in his hometown of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Democrats nominated Buchanan in 1856 as their nominee for what office?
A:  President of the United States.

James was the last president born in the what?
A: 18th century.

At age 65, James Buchanan was the second-oldest man to be elected what at the time?
A:  President.

In his inaugural address, what did James Buchanan promise not to do?
A: Run again.

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