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Fun Trivia Quiz Questions

Who flew in The Spirit Of St...Louis?
A: Charles Lindbergh.

Who was US President when America entered World War II?
A: Franklin Roosevelt.

In which sport could the Knicks take on the Nets?
A: Basketball.

Who duetted with Phil Collins on Separate Lives?
A: Marilyn Martin.

What is the postal abbreviation for South Dakota?
A: SD.

Most bar quizzes depend on answers being what?
A: Written in response to questions which may themselves be written.

Which country took the name Myanmar officially in 1989?
A: Burma.


What was the third James Bond film for which Shirley Bassey sang the title song?
A: Moonraker.

In which country is the deepwater port of Townsville?
A: Australia.

What has been the commonest name for Popes through the Millennium?
A: John.

Which singer "ain't gonna work on Maggie's farm no more?"
A: Bob Dylan.

Boy George fronted which Club?
A: Culture.

Who succeeded Nixon as President of the USA in 1974.
A: Ford.

In which state is Fort Knox.
A: Kentucky.


In which country was Keanu Reeves born?
A: Lebanon.

Often bar trivia questions may be drawn from the realm of 'everybody knows' trivia, therefore leading to what?
A: Controversies when the answers are false or unverifiable.

Who wrote that "the female of the species is deadlier than the male?"
A: Rudyard Kipling.

Who called her autobiography Stand 'by Your Man?
A: Tammy Wynette.

Who had a 90s No 1 with Coming Out Of The Dark?
A: Gloria Estefan.

Where is the National Tennis Center?
A: Flushing Meadow New York.

Waterfalls was a 90s No 1 hit single for which act?


What was Bing Crosby's last Road movie?
A: Road to Hong Kong.

Which two Gemini spacecraft had the first rendezvous in space?
A: Gemini 6 & 7.

Who invaded Afghanistan in 1979?

In which decade of the 20th century was Ronny Cox born?
A: 1930s.

Which 20th century US President and Vice President was not elected to either office?
A: Gerald Ford.

In which decade of the 20th century was Lauren Bacall born?
A: 1920s

Which canal was the work of Ferdinand de Lesseps?
A: Suez.


In which state was "Roseanne" set?
A: Illinois.

What was the first movie made in Cinemascope?
A: The Robe.

Who had a 90s No 1 hit with One More Try?
A; Kristine W.

What type of puzzle first appeared in New York World in 1913?
A: Crossword.

Terry Biddlecombe was connected with which sport?
A: Horse Racing.

At which Ohio university were four students shot dead in 1970?
A: Kent State.

Who had an 80s No 1 with Centerfold?
A: The J. Geils Band.


The Irish dramatist Samuel Beckett settled in which city?
A: Paris.

Who wrote Bitter Sweet and Private Lives?
A: Noel Coward.

In which country is the deepwater port of Ashdod?
A: Israel.

Findel international airport is in which county?
A: Luxemburg.

Dying in 1972, under which name was Emmanuel Goldberg better known?
A: Edward G. Robinson.

The Dutch East Indies have become known as what?
A: Indonesia.

Which film company made The Jazz Singer?
A: Warner Brothers.


Who had 50s hits with Shrimp Boats and Jambalaya?
A: Jo Stafford.

Who had a 90s hit with Sadness Part 1?
A: Enigma.

Crick, Watson and Wilkins determined the structure of what?

Which instrument is particularly associated with bandleader Buddy Rich?
A: Drums.

In which country was Julie Christie born?
A: India.

Who wrote East Of Eden?
A: John Steinbeck.

In the 40s and 50s what was tested at "Bikini Atoll"?
A: Hydrogen bomb.

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