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Weird Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Weird interesting trivia quiz questions with answers.


Weird Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

For what reason did the state of Indiana ban Robin Hood in 1953?
A:  Communist , take from the rich and give to the poor

In Kansas, Legally, what can a waiter not do in a teacup?
A:  Serve wine.

The multi millionaire Russell Sage saved money by not doing what?
A: Wearing underwear

The first tennis balls were stuffed with what?
A:  Human Hair

If your spit can’t dissolve the food you eat, you can’t what?
A: Taste it.

In Singapore you can be fined 10% of your income for not doing what?
A: Flushing public toilet.

What is the literal translation of pot-pouri?
A: Putrid Pot.


The largest gold object in the world is what?
A:  Tutankhamen's Coffin.

Attila the Hun died on his honeymoon. What killed him?
A: Booze – Honeymoon 30 days of drinking.

What sport banned New York was deemed to violate civil rights?
A:  Dwarf Throwing.

Howard Hughes stored what in large metal containers
A:  His Urine.

Thames water removes a ton of what monthly from its sewage?
A: Pubic Hair - plugs up the system.

Future Italian grave diggers are required to take what test?
A: Exhume a body.


200 years ago all white people knew Tomatoes were what?
A: Deadly poison

Some seals can dive up to how many feet underwater?
A: 1,000-1,300.

In Medieval China children up to 7 years old were what?
A:  Breastfed.

paints in what medium does French artist Aquabouse paint cows?
A: Cow manure

According to the Aetherius Society, who is alive and living on Venus?
A:  Jesus Christ.

Why does a  baseball travel 9% faster in Denver than other cities?
A: Thinner air.

Who once  said "I'm never through with a girl till I've had her three ways"?
A:  John F Kennedy.

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