Beer Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Free beer trivia questions with answers


Beer Quiz Questions With Answers

In the 13th century European children were baptized with what?
A:  Beer

In a Moscow mule, what spirit is mixed with ginger beer?
A: Vodka

The Munich beer festival is held in which month?
A:  October

What amazing trick could St Brigit of Ireland do for visitors?
A: Turn bathwater into beer

470 Chinese were injured in 1999 by what?
A:  Exploding beer bottles

The alien ET drank what brand of beer?
A: Coors

Where would you buy a Steinlager beer?
A:  New Zealand



In Texas,  what famous reference work is illegal because  it shows beer making?
A: Encyclopedia Britannica

Cobra beer is produced in what country?
A:  India

In the United States, what is the most popular Mexican beer?
A: Corona

What does Mit Hefe on a German beer bottle mean?
A:  With Yeast

What state drinks the most beer?
A:  California

In Poland a piwo  is a what?
A:  A Beer

A goat represents what beer?
A:  Bocks Beer


In beer measurement 72 pints make a what?
A:  Firkin

What was unusual about Co-op winter warmer ale's label?
A: It was in Braille

What wine barrel size contains 10 gallons?
A: An Anker

On Jan 24, 1935, what did drinkers see for the first time ever?
A: Beer Can

The average Britain drinks about 14,571 of what over their life?
A:  Pints of beer

In Europe, what used to be called Arabian wine?
A:  Coffee.