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Dumb Law Trivia Questions and Answers

Funny dumb law trivia quiz questions and answers about stupid laws.


Funny Dumb Law Trivia Questions and Answers

In Brookings South Dakota its illegal for a cat to live where?
A:  In a dogs house  if dogs are living there

In New Jersey who is it is illegal to frown at?
A:  Police Officers

In which state is it illegal to duel with water pistols?
A:  Massachusetts

In which state it is illegal to sleep with your shoes on?
A: North Dakota

In Cheyenne Wyoming on Wednesday what is illegal?
A:  Taking a Shower

What is illegal in winter in Indiana?
A:  Bathing

In what city is it illegal to Kiss your wife on a Sunday?
A:  Hartford Connecticut


In Portacello Idaho concealed weapons are illegal unless what?
A:  They are openly displayed

What can a man only do legally once a month in Arkansas?
A:  Beat his wife

In North Carolina it's against the law for who or what to fight?
A:  Cats and Dogs

In Tennessee it is illegal to drive if you are what?
A:  Asleep

It is still legal to kill Ones Servant in which U.S. state?
A: Mississippi

Where is it against the law to wear pink Hot Pants after noon on Sunday?
A: Victoria Australia

In Lang Kansas, it's illegal to ride a donkey in public unless it is wearing what?
A: A Straw hat on


It's illegal for mustached men to do what in Eureka Nevada?
A:  Kiss Women

It is illegal for a car to back up in what Arizona city?
A: Glendale

In St Louis Missouri its illegal for a fireman to rescue who?
A:  Undressed women

What activity is totally illegal in Minnesota?
A:  Oral Sex

By law, in Ohio, pets have to carry what at night?
A:  Lights on their tails

On Sunday,  in Washington it's illegal to buy what?
A: A Mattress

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