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Washington State Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

Trivia questions with answers about the state of Washington.


Washington State Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

What state borders Washington on the south?
A: Oregon.

Washington is west of what US state?
A: Idaho.

Washington is south of what Canadian province?
A:  The Canadian province of British Columbia.

To the west of Washington State is what body of water?
A: Pacific Ocean.

 Named after George Washington, the State of Washington  was admitted to the Union as the 42nd state in what year?
A: 1889.

Where does the state of Washington rank among the states in population?
A:  13th most populous.

What percentage of Washington state's residents live in the Seattle metropolitan area?
A: About 60%.


The state of Washington has the second largest population of any state in the what?
A: The Western United States.

Rich in stands of Douglas fir, hemlock, ponderosa and white pine, spruce, larch, and cedar, Washington is a leading  producer of what?
A:  Lumber.

How many dams does the state of Washington have?
A: Over 1,000.

What is another nickname sometimes used in reference to the state of Washington?
A: The Evergreen State.

What is the state of Washington's largest city?
A: Seattle.

What is the capital of the state of Washington?
A:  Olympia.

The U.S. State of Washington is the only U.S. state named after a what?
A: President.


Washington was a Union territory during the American Civil War, Washington State did not physically take part in the Civil War, it was a what?
A: Union Territory.

Washington is part of a region known as the what?
A: Pacific Northwest.

Mount St. Helens is the only volcano that is actively erupting in the state, however, all of the volcanoes in the state are considered what?
A: Active volcanoes.

 Which mountain is the tallest mountain in the state of Washington?
A: Mount Rainier.

How tall is Mt. Rainier?
A:  14,411 feet.

What mountain  is considered the most dangerous volcano in the Cascade Range?
A: Mount Rainier.

Western Washington is the location of what mountains?
A: The Olympic Mountains.


What is Seattle's lowest officially recorded temperature?
A:  0 °F set on January 31, 1950.

Mount Baker, gets a whole lot of snow, and in 1999, it set the world record for snowfall in a single season with how much snow?
A: 1,140 inches (95 ft.).

Washington state's lowest temperature ever recorded was what?
A: −48 °F in Winthrop and Mazama.

What was the highest recorded temperature in the state of Washington?
A:  118 °F at Ice Harbor Dam.


What percentage of Washington's land area is covered by forests?
A:  52%.

In 1775, was The first recorded European landing on the Washington coast was in 1775 by what Spanish Explorer?
A:  Spanish Captain Don Bruno de Heceta.

American captain Robert Gray discovered the mouth of the Columbia River and named the river after his what?
A: His ship, the Columbia.


Washington state's  Yakima River Valley became known for what kind of fruit?
A: Apples.

During the Great Depression, a number of hydroelectric dams were built along what river primarily to produce electricity?
A: The Columbia river.

In  1941 the largest concrete structure in the United States was completed. What structure was it?
A:  The Grand Coulee Dam.

Which Washington volcano erupted on May 18, 1980?
A: Mount St. Helens.

 The Mount St. Helens eruption flattened the forests, flooded the Columbia River and its tributaries with ash and mud, and killed how many people?
A: 57.

The Census Bureau estimates the population of  the state of Washington was how many  people on July 1, 2013?
A: 6,971,406.

Because of the favorable climate Washington state has led the U.S. in apple production since when?
A: The 1920s.


Where does the state of Washington rank compared with the other states in the production of wine?
A: Second behind only California.

For transportation purposes, the state of Washington has the largest system of "what" in the United States?
A: Ferry's.

How many ferries navigate the Puget Sound and associated waterways in Washington's marine highway?
A: Twenty-eight ferries.

Washington is home to Four of the five longest floating bridges in the world are located in Washington state, and their names are what?
A: The Evergreen Point Floating Bridge, Lacey V. Murrow Memorial Bridge, Homer M. Hadley Memorial Bridge, and the Hood Canal Bridge.

The state of Washington legalized assisted suicide in 2008 when they voted on and passed the what?
A: Washington Death with Dignity Act.

In November of 2012, Washington state became one of two US states to legalize the sale and possession of marijuana for what?
A: Recreational use.

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