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Coors Beer Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

Coors Beer trivia questions with answers about the Coors Brewing Company.


Coors Beer Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

The Coors Brewing Company is a regional division of what?
A: The Molson Coors Brewing Company.

The operations in the US are now part of the joint venture with SABMiller called what?
A:  MillerCoors.

Coors operates a brewery in Golden, Colorado, that is the what?
A: Largest single brewery facility in the world.

In what year did German immigrants Adolph Coors and Jacob Schueler established a brewery in Golden Colorado?
A: In 1873.

What did the two men buy from a Czech immigrant named William Silhan?
A: A recipe for a Pilsner-style beer.

How much money did Coors invest  in the operation?
A: $2,000.

How much did Mr. Schueler put in?
A:  $18,000.


What did Adolph Coors do in 1880?
A: Bought out his partner and became sole owner of the brewery.

The Coors Brewing Company managed to survive what?
A: Prohibition relatively intact.

During prohibition, the brewery itself was converted into a what?
A: Malted milk and near beer production facility.

Coors sold much of the malted milk to whom?
A: The Mars candy company for the production of sweets.

Manna, was the company's what?
A: Non-alcoholic beer replacement.

It was a what?
A: Near beer.

Adolphus Coors and his sons relied heavily on what , to keep the Coors Brewing Company afloat?
A: The porcelain company as well as a cement and real estate company.


Coors brewery was one of only a handful of breweries that had survived what?
A: Prohibition.

Coors beer had always been a regional product and its marketing area was confined to where?
A: The American west.

This made it a "what" on the East Coast?
A: Novelty.

Visitors returning home from the west often brought back a what?
A: Case.

In the 1977 movie "Smokey and the Bandit", centered around an illegal shipment of what from Texas to Georgia?
A: Coors.

In what year did the company finally establish national distribution in the U. S.?
A: In the mid-1980s.

In 1959, Coors became the first American brewer to use what?
A: An all-aluminum two-piece beverage can.


In 1959, the company abandoned what process?
A: Pasteurization.

Instead of pasteurization the company began to use what to stabilize its beer?
A: Sterile filtration.

Coors currently operates the largest "what" in the world?
A: aluminum can producing plant.

What did Coors invent in the 1970s?
A: Coors invented the pollution-free push tab can.

In what year did Coors introduce Coors Light?
A: It was introduced in 1978.

The slogan of "Silver Bullet" to describe Coors Light does not describe the beer, but rather the what?
A: Silver-colored can in which the beer is packaged.

In 2005, Coors was rated the third largest what?
A: Producer of beer in the United States.

On July 22, 2004, the company announced it would be merging with what Canadian brewer?
A:  Molson.

When was the merger was completed?
A:  February 9, 2005, with the merged company being named Molson Coors Brewing Company.