Pop Music Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers 70s 89s 90s

Free fun pop music trivia Questions 70s 89s 90s.


Music Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers 70s 890s 90s

Who featured with Paula Abdul on Opposites Attract?
A: The Wild Pair.

Which Debby Boone single spent ten weeks at No 1 of the 80s?
A: You Light Up My Life.

Which song by Lisa Stansfield featured in Indecent Proposal?
A: In All the Right Places.

What was the first No 1 for Bon Jovi?
A: You Give Love A Bad Name.

Who sang with Kenny Rogers on We've Got Tonight?
A: Sheena Easton.

In which year did the 90s Candle in the Wind reach No 1?
A: 1997.


What was the first single to be No 1 for 14 weeks?
A: I Will Always Love You.

Apart from The Beatles which British group has had most top ten singles in total?
A: The Rolling Stones.

Which song starts, "If you see me walkin' down the street?
A: Walk On By.

Who climbed Jacobs ladder to make No 1?
A: Huey Lewis & The News.

Who played bass guitar in The Monkees?
A: Peter Tork.

Which Mariah Carey hit has the words, "Can't live, if living is without you"?
A: Without You.

Duo Matthew and Gunnar shared which last name?
A: Nelson.


Which Janet Jackson top ten hi has the shortest title?
A: If.

Who won Grammys for Best Album, Male Vocalist and Producer in 1986?
A: Phil Collins.

How many people made up Tears For Fears?
A: Two.

Who left genesis in 1975 pushing Phil Collins forward as the band's vocalist?
A: Peter Gabriel.

How did Kurt Kobain end his life?
A: He shot himself.

Who released an album in the 90s No 1 called Bilingual?
A: Pet Shop Boys.

What type of fighting did Carl Douglas take to No 1 in the charts?
A: Kung Fu.


In the film Grease, who sang Beauty School Dropout?
A: Frankie Avalon.

Maureen Tucker played drums n which influential art rock band?
A: The Velvet Underground.

Who wrote the English  words to My Way?
A: Paul Anka.

Who sang with The Miami Sound Machine?
A: Gloria Estefan.

Which Lauryn sang with the Fugees?
A: Hill.

Who had a 1993 Girlie Tour?
A: Madonna.

What was the title of Al Green's 70s No 1 single?
A: Let's Say Together.


What was Elton John's first hit on his won Rocket label?
A: Don't Go Breaking My Heart.

Which hit-making band featured Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland?
A: The Police.

What is Paul McCartney's real first name?
A: James.

A Whole New World was the theme from which Disney movie?
A: Aladdin.

Who asked you to Please Come Home for Christmas in 1994?
A: Bon Jovi.

Who charted with Talking in Your Sleep?
A: Crystal Gayle.

Who wrote the much-recorded song If I Were A Carpenter?
A: Tim Hardin.


Who fronted The Beaters?
A: Billy Vera.

Morten Harket was part of which 80s group?
A: A-ha.

Before his murder, Christopher Wallace was known as which rapper?
A: Notorious.

Who said Let's get Rocked in a 1992 hit?
A: Def Leppard.

Which 1986 Bangles hit was written by Prince under the pseudonym Christopher Tracy?
A: Manic Monday.

Who sang a song named after the writer's pet snake?
A: Diana Ross o- Muscles.


Who was born first, Karen or Richard Carpenter?
A: Richard.

Who made No 1 with Another One Bites The Dust?
A: Queen.

What was the 90s No 1 of Vanilla Ice?
A: Ice, Ice Baby.

Who topped the charts alongside Nine Stories?
A: Lisa Loeb.

Which Paul has made more than 20 solo top ten singles?
A: McCartney.