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Dog Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

Free long dog trivia quiz with answers


Dog Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

What is the name of the dog in the famous five series?
A: Timothy.

What animal was the first to be domesticated?
A: The dog.

What color tongue does a chow chow have?
A: Blue.

What dog was once considered sacred in China?
A: Pekinese.

Which breed of dog is the favorite of the queen of England?
A: Corgis.

What do bloodhounds have a special reputation for?
A: Tracking.


How many sets of teeth does a dog go through in its lifetime?
A: Two.

What TV show series had a robot dog named K9?
A: Dr. Who.

What kind of animal is also called a "Black Russian".
A: A Dog.

What was the name of the first dog in space?
A: Lyka.

After the World cup was stolen in 1966, what was the name of the dog that found it?
A: Pickles.

What was the name of Dorothy's little dog in The Wizard of Oz?
A: Toto.

What was the name of the dog that appeared on the HMV record label?
A: Nipper.


The Plague Dogs was a novel written by who?
A: Richard Adams.

What was the name of Bill Sikes dog in Oliver Twist?
A: Bull's eye.

The breed borzoi got it's name from Russian for what?
A: Fleet or swift.

Where besides their nose do dogs have sweat glands?
A: Paws.

Which breed of dog was named after the monks of a Swiss hospice, who kept them for finding lost travelers in the Alps?
A: St. Bernard.

What other breed of dog besides greyhounds are occasionally race at racetracks?
A: Afghan Hounds.

What is the name of Dick Dastardley's canine sidekick?
A: Muttley.


Who was the creator of, Bugs Bunny, Droopy the dog, and others?
A: Tex Avery.

By what name is the German shepherd dog commonly known?
A: Alsatian.

In Greek mythology, what is unusual about the guard dog Cerberus?
A: He had three heads.

Chernuska was sent to space on what number sputnick?
A: 9

Whose dog was called Dogmatix?
A: Obelix.

Michael J Fox and Einstein appeared together in what film?
A: Back to the Future.

Which movie did Sean Connery called his dog Indiana and his son Indy?

A: Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade.

Which size of poodle comes between a standard and a toy?
A: Miniature.

What type of dog originally from the United States can't be imported, bred or sold in the UK?
A: Pit bull terrier.

Which breed of dog is the smallest?
A: Chihuahua.

Pluto is what breed of dog?
A: Blood hound.

Who sailed to the Galapagos aboard the ship HMS Beagle?
A: Charles Darwin.

What kind of dogs were used to fend off highwaymen when riding in a carriage?
A: Dalmatians.

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