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Trivia Name Questions with Answers

Fun trivia name quiz questions with answers.


Trivia Name Quiz

Petroselinum crispum is the Latin for which herb?
A: Parsley.

What does the girls name Linda mean?
A: Serpent, and it means wisdom.

Which month was named after Latin for "to open"?
A: April.

Kong Zi is better known as who?
A: Confucius.

In Peter Pan who were Wendy's brothers?
A: Michael and John.

The most common surname for Motel owners in the United States is what?
A: Patel.


Myosotis is Latin for what blue flower?
A: Forget me Not.

The Titanic has a sister ship called what?
A: The Olympic.

Clemantine Campbell became famous under what moniker?
A: Cleo Lane.

William means what?
A: Resolute Protector.

The howitzer got its name from the Greek meaning large what?
A: Catapult.

The Tilia is Latin for what type of tree?
A: Lime.


Shaddock is another term for what?
A: Grapefruit.

What is a dandelion seed ball called?
A: A Clock.

Dionea Muscipula is Latin for what flesh eating plant?
A: Venus Fly Trap.

What was  Montreal originally called?
A: Ville Marie.

Agnes  means what?
A: Chaste . 

What does Deborah mean?
A: Bee, from the Hebrew.

Smith most is the most common English surname, what's the Japanese?
A: Suzuki.

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