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Carol Burnett Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Trivia quiz with answers about Carol Burnett.


Carol Burnett Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

What is Carol Burnett's birth name?
A: Carol Creighton Burnett.

Burnett appeared regularly for three years on the Garry Moore Show and won her first Emmy Award in what year?
A: 1962.

On what date was Carol Burnett born?
A: April 26, 1933.

In 1981,what movie did Carol Burnett appear in?
A:  The Four Seasons.

Where was Carol Burnett born?
A: San Antonio, Texas U.S.

Carol Burnett received a Tony Award nomination for what Broadway performance in 1959?
A: Once Upon a Mattress.

What was Carol Burnett's first husband's name?
A: Don Saroyan.


Carol and the show won numerous Emmy and what awards?
A: Golden Globe Awards.

What was Carol's second husband's name?
A: Joe Hamilton.

What did Carol find out she had to do to enter the playwright program in college?
A: Take an acting course.

In 1992 what film did Burnett appear in?
A:  Noises Off.

What year was it when Carol graduated from Hollywood High School?
A: 1951.

 In 1972, what film did Carol appear in?
A: Pete 'n' Tillie.

What was Burnett's third husband's name?
A: Brian Miller.


Who was Carol Burnett's mother?
A: Ina Louise Creighton, a publicity writer for movie studios.

The Carol Burnett Show was what kind of show?
A: A variety show with comedy sketches, song and dance.

How many children does Carol Burnett have?
A: Three.

When did Carol Burnett's parents get divorced?
A: In the late 1930s.

What are Carol Burnett's children's names?
A: Carrie Hamilton, Jody Hamilton, Erin Hamilton.

Carol Burnett is best known for what Television variety show?
A: The Carol Burnett Show.

Carol had a breakout success on Broadway in 1959 in what play?
A: Once Upon a Mattress.


What problem did Carol's parents have that made her childhood difficult?
A: They were Alcoholics.

On what TV show did Carol make her TV debut on?
A: The Garry Moore Show.

Burnett moved to California and began an 11-year run as star of what TV show?
A: The Carol Burnett Show.

In what year did Carol Burnett have a role in the movie Annie?
A: 1982.

What is the name of the movie that Carol appeared in during the year 2008?
A: Horton Hears a Who!  

On TV, Carol appeared in what show in 1979?
A:  Friendly Fire.

Carol won an Emmy Award for a guest role in what TV show?
A: Mad About You.


In 1995 Carol returned to the Broadway stage in what play?
A:  Moon Over Buffalo.

Who was Burnett's father?
A:  Joseph Thomas Burnett, a movie theater manager.

For a time Carol worked as an what at a Theatre?
A: Usherette.

During her first year of college, what did Carol switch her focus to?
A: Theater arts and English, with the goal of becoming a playwright.

What did Carol Burnett's mother disapprove of?
A: Carol's acting ambitions.

Carol spent her first year in New York working as a what?
A: Hat-check girl.

Burnett was cast in a minor role on  what show in 1955?
A: The Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney Show.

What part did Carol play on the popular children’s program, The Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney Show?
A: The girlfriend of a ventriloquist’s dummy.

 Carol had a starring role opposite Buddy Hackett in what sitcom?
A:  Stanley from 1956 to 1957.

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