Trivia Questions With Answers!

Trivia Questions For Seniors, Elderly, and Retired Trivia Fans!

Trivia quiz questions about old TV shows for seniors.


Trivia Questions For Seniors, Elderly, and Retired Trivia Fans!

Which cop was played by Karl Malden in The Streets of San Francisco?
A: Detective Lt. Mike Stone.

In 1980s' The Cosby Show on which Avenue did the Huxtables live?
A: Stigwood.

Which former petty crook was Ironside's assistant?
A: Mark Sanger.

In Laverne and Shirley, what was Shirley's last name?
A: Feeny.

Who was the cop hero of M squad?
A: Frank Ballinger.

In the A Team how was Mr. T also known?
A: B. A. Baracus.

Whose Drive In was a focal point in Happy Days?
A: Arnold's.


What was Mary Tyler Moore's first major TV series?
A: Richard Diamond Private Detective.

Who founded CBS?
A: Arthur Judson.

Who played Joe Friday in Dragnet on radio and became its producer when it transferred to TV?
A: Jack Webb.

What was the Duchess of York's first line in Friends?
A: Nice hat.

What was the first US entertainment show to be shown in China?
A: The Man From Atlantis.

In Mork & Mindy what was Mindy's grandmother called?
A: Cora Huson.

Which 1992 sitcom was based at Venice Beach, California?
A: Pacific Station.


What was the first religious sitcom on US TV?
A: Amen.

What was Roseanne's address in the first series of the show?
A: 714 Delaware Street.

Where was Running the Halls set?
A: Middlefield Academy.

Who was the John Travolta-type character in Makin' It?
A: Billy Manucci.

In which show did Carol Burnett first come to TV prominence?
A: Garry Moore Show.

The HQ of U.N.C.L.E. was behind a wall in what type of building?
A: Dry Cleaner's.

What was the spin off from Spencer: For Hire called?
A: A Man Called Hawk.


Who was nicknamed Mr. Television and the Thief of Badgags?
A: Milton Berle.

Which singer's company produced the medical series Ben Casey?
A: Bing Crosby.

What burst into flames in the opening of Bonanza?
A: Map.

In The Adventures of Champion, what was Ricky's dog called?
A: Rebel.

In which show did Yogi Bear first appear?
A: The Huckleberry Hound Show.

In Soap, where was Dunn's River?
A: Connecticut.

In which city was Banacek set?
A: Boston.


In Mike Hammer, who or what was Betsy?
A: His pistol.

What was the name of the FBI agent who had to find out who killed Laura Palmer?
A: Dale Cooper.

What was the name of the liner on The Love Boat?
A: The Pacific Princess.

What was the name of Frank's wife in Millennium?
A: Catherine.

Which MD practiced at the Eastman Medical Center, LA?
A:  Doogie Howser.

Who wrote the novel on which Washington: Behind Closed Doors was based?
A: John Ehrlichman.


Whose one line was "Nice hat" in Friends?
A: Sarah, Duchess of York.

Which soap star launched a perfume called Scoundrel?
A: Joan Collins.

Which knight has appeared on Baywatch?
A: Sir Paul McCartney.

In the classic sitcom Mr. Ed, what did Mr. Ed call Wilbur?
A: Buddy Boy.

What was the first spin-off from All In The Family called?
A: Maude.

In Gilligan's Island what was the first name of "Gilligan?
A: Willie.

Who were the two main families in TV's Soap?
A: Tates & Campbells.

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