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Fun Health Trivia Questions and Answers

Which medical tool was developed by Sanctorius in 1612?
A:  Thermometer.

On the TV show, Dr. Kildare worked at what hospital?
A:  Blaire General.

What were The first false teeth made from what?
A: Ivory.

In ancient times, mid eastern women swallowed what as contraceptive?
A:  Foam from a camels mouth.

Where is your zygomatic bonelocated?
A: In your cheek.


In Holland it used to take four years to train as a hat maker, but how long to be a surgeon?
A:  3 years

If you have a rhytidectomy what did you have done?
A:  A Face Lift

What is a plessor?
A: Doctor's reflex hammer

What is an anomaloscope used for?
A: Test for color blindness

Americans use 16,000 tons of what each year ?
A: Aspirin


Until you are 35 it grows, then it begins to shrink. What is it?
A:  Your Skeleton

Dieters say the most difficult food to give up is what?
A:  Cheese

Hypermetropic people are what?
A:  Long Sighted

Trypanophobia is fear of what?
A:  Shots

In what addiction do males outnumber females by 5 to 1?
A:  Alcoholism


Lack of vitamin B1 causes what condition?
A:  Beri Beri

Legionnaires Disease is spread in what?
A: Small water droplets.

In 1994, 314 Americans had what type of surgery?
A: Buttock Lift

What does QOD stand for on a prescription?
A:  Take every other day

What was the name of the woman who set up a free birth control clinic in Holloway in 1920?
A:  Marie Stopes

In the human body what is replaced every three months?
A:  Eyelashes

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