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Cincinnati Bengals Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Cincinnati Bengals trivia questions with answers about the Bengals football team.


Cincinnati Bengals Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Who are the Cincinnati Bengals?
A: The Cincinnati Bengals are a professional American football franchise based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

They are currently members of which division of the American Football Conference (AFC) of the National Football League (NFL)?
A: North division.

What is the name of their home stadium?
A: Paul Brown Stadium in downtown Cincinnati.

What are their primary colors?
A: Orange and black.

Who are their chief rivals?
A: The Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns, and Pittsburgh Steelers.

When were the Bengals founded?
A: In 1966.

When founded, they were a member of what league?
A: American Football League (AFL).


Who founded the Bengals?
A: Former Cleveland Browns head coach Paul Brown.

Brown was the Bengals' head coach from their inception to when?
A: 1975.

Due to the impending merger of the AFL and the NFL, which was due to take full effect in the 1970 season, Brown agreed to what?
A: To join the AFL as its tenth and final franchise.

The Bengals, like the other former AFL teams, were assigned to what following the merger?
A: the AFC.

The Bengals won the AFC championship in what two early years?
A:  1981 and 1988.

They lost Super Bowls XVI and XXIII to what team?
A: The San Francisco 49ers.

After Paul Brown's death in 1991, who inherited controlling interest in the team?
A: His son, Mike Brown.


In 2011, Brown purchased shares of the team owned by whom?
A: The estate of co-founder Austin Knowlton and is now the majority owner of the Bengals franchise.

Where did the franchise get its name from?
A: An earlier Cincinnati Bengals team, which played from 19371941.

Then name also was a nod to Paul Brown's Massillon, Ohio roots where he coached what high school team?
A: The Tigers.

In 1966, the American Football League agreed to a merger with its older and more established rival, the what?
A: National Football League.

Among the terms of the merger was that the AFL was permitted to add what?
A: One additional franchise.

One of the reasons the NFL agreed to this was that they wanted what?
A: An even number of clubs in the merged league.

Brown realized that the AFL expansion franchise would likely be his only realistic path back into what?
A: The NFL in the short to medium term.


He ultimately acquiesced to joining the AFL after learning what?
A: That the team was guaranteed to become an NFL franchise after the merger was completed in 1970.

With the completion of the merger in 1970, the Cleveland Browns were moved to the AFL-based American Football Conference and placed in the AFC Central, the same division as what team?
A: The Bengals.

An instant rivalry was born, fueled initially by Paul Brown's rivalry with whom?
A:  Art Modell.

The teams have since met on Monday Night Football twice, with which team winning both times?
A: The Bengals.

The team finished its first season with what record?
A: A 3–11 record.

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