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Pittsburgh Steelers Trivia Questions with Answers

Pittsburgh Steelers trivia quiz questions with answers.


Pittsburgh Steelers Trivia Questions with Answers

What are the Pittsburgh Steelers?
A:  The Pittsburgh Steelers are a professional American football team.

Where are they based?
A: In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

The team currently belongs to the North Division of the American Football Conference (AFC) in what football league?
A: The National Football League (NFL).

When was the team founded?
A: In 1933, they are the oldest franchise in the AFC.

How many Super Bowl titles have the Steelers won?
A: Six.

How many AFC Championship Games have the Steelers won?
A: Eight.

How many AFC Championship games have they played in?
A: 15.


How many conference championship games have the Steelers hosted?
A: Eleven.

The Steelers share the record for most Super Bowl appearances with whom?
A: The Dallas Cowboys (eight).

What was the original name for the Steelers?
A: They were founded as the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Who founded the team?
A: Art Rooney.

Where did Rooney take its original name from?
A: The baseball team of the same name.

The ownership of the Steelers has remained where since its founding?
A: Within the Rooney family.

Who is the current owner?
A: Art's son, Dan Rooney.


One of the NFL's flagship teams, the Steelers have a large fan base with what nickname?
A: Steeler Nation.

Where do the Steelers play their home games?
A: At Heinz Field on Pittsburgh's North Side in the North Shore neighborhood.

The Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL first took to the field on September 20, 1933, losing 23–2 to whom?
A: The New York Giants.

In the 1930s, the Pirates never finished higher than what in their division?
A: Second place.

Pittsburgh made history in 1938 by signing Byron White to what was at the time the what?
A: The biggest contract in NFL history.

Prior to the 1940 season, the Pirates renamed themselves the what?
A: Steelers..

What did the Steelers experience during World War II?
A: Player shortages.


The Steelers twice merged with other NFL franchises to do what?
A: Field a team.

During the 1943 season, they merged with the Philadelphia Eagles forming the "Phil-Pitt Eagles" and were known as the what?
A:  "Steagles".

In 1944, they merged with the Chicago Cardinals and were known as Card-Pitt , and the team finished 0–10, marking the only what?
A: The only winless team in franchise history.

The Steelers made the playoffs for the first time in what year?
A:  1947, tying for first place in the division at 8–4 with the Philadelphia Eagles.

This forced a what?
A: A tie-breaking playoff game at Forbes Field, which the Steelers lost 21–0.

It was Pittsburgh's only playoff game for the next how many years?
A: 25.

1970 was the year they moved into what?
A:  Three Rivers Stadium.


The Steelers' history of bad luck changed with the hiring of what coach?
A:  Chuck Noll for the 1969 season.

Noll's most remarkable talent was in his what?
A: His draft selections.

From 1969 to 1972, what five players did Chuck Noll acquire?
A: "Mean" Joe Greene, Terry Bradshaw, Mel Blount, Jack Ham and Franco Harris.

In 1974, Noll pulled off the incredible feat of selecting four Hall of Famers in one draft year. Who were they?
A: Lynn Swann, Jack Lambert, John Stallworth, and Mike Webster.

The players drafted in the early '70s formed the base of a what?
A: An NFL dynasty.

They are the only team in NFL history to win four Super Bowls in how many years?
A: Six years.

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