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American History Trivia Quiz Questions with the Answers

American history trivia quiz questions and answers.


American History Trivia Quiz Questions with the Answers

The oldest what in America is still working and opened in 1829?
A: Brewery.

What did J Edgar Hoover call the home of disease bribery and rape?
A: Motels.

The first 90 minute TV series shown in 1962 was what?
A: The Virginian.

Who was the first woman to graduate from West Point?
A: Andrea Hollen.

In World War II,  what was unique about the U.S. 222 Infantry battalion?
A: They were all Japanese or Hawaiian immigrants.

Chuck McKinley was the only American to do what in the 60s?
A: Win Wimbledon.

Rudolf the red nosed reindeer was invented in a comic for who?
A: Montgomery Ward.


What is the oldest registered trade mark still used in the USA?
A: Red Devil Underwood devilled ham.

What was the most common name given to girls in, 1995, in the U.S.?
A: Ashley.

Who was the first woman to pose nude for sports illustrated?
A: Cathy Rigby

Who was the first U.S. president to be sworn in by a woman?
A: Lyndon B Johnson – when JFK was killed

What state were both Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull born in?
A: South Dakota.

In 1971, what U.S. space probe was the first to orbit another planet?
A: Mariner 9

In 1856, John C Freeman was the first Republican candidate to run for what?
A: U.S. president


Who won the Super bowl in 1987?
A: New York Giants

The Crow Indian tribe was the tribe that the army used the most often use as what?
A: Scouts

The oldest written plan of government in effect is in which country?
A: The United States of America.

What was Americas first organized sport?
A: Horse Racing in 1664.

What was the name of Barbie's first horse?
A: Dancer

What was the name of the first woman to win an acting Emmy in a science fiction series?
A: Lindsay Wagner for the Bionic Woman

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