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President Warren G. Harding Trivia Questions With Answers

Trivia quiz questions with answers about President Warren G. Harding


President Warren G. Harding Trivia Questions With Answers

Who was the 29th President of the United States?
A: Warren G. Harding.

During what period was Warren Harding the President of the U.S.?
A: March 4, 1921 – August 2, 1923

Who was Warren's vice president?
A: Calvin Coolidge.

Warren Harding was preceded by whom?
A: Woodrow Wilson.

Who succeeded Harding as President?
A: Calvin Coolidge.

What was Hardings birth name?
A: Warren Gamaliel Harding.

On what date was Warren born?
A: November 2, 1865.


Where was Warren G. Harding born?
A: Blooming Grove, Ohio, U.S.

Harding died on what date?
A: August 2, 1923.

Warren Harding rewarded friends and contributors, known as the "Ohio Gang", with what?
A: Powerful government positions.

Multiple cases of what were exposed during his presidency?
A: Corruption.

Domestically, Harding signed the first federal program for what?
A: Child welfare.

Harding dealt with striking mining and railroad workers in part by supporting what?
A: An 8-hour work day.

In foreign affairs, Harding spurned the League of Nations and negotiated peace treaties with what countries?
A: Germany and Austria.


His greatest foreign policy achievement came in the what?
A: The Washington Naval Conference of 1921–22.

What happened in August 1923?
A:  Harding suddenly collapsed and died in California.

As a young child, what was Warrens' nickname?
A: Winnie.

Harding was the oldest of how many children?
A: Eight.

Who were Harding's parents?
A: Dr. George Tryon Harding, Sr. and Phoebe Elizabeth (Dickerson) Harding.

In 1878, Warrens brother Charles and sister Persilla died from what?
A: Presumably from typhoid fever.

Harding studied the printing and newspaper trade as a college student at what college?
A: Ohio Central College in Iberia.


Where did he work at same time?
A: The Union Register in Mount Gilead.

What did Harding become in college?
A: An accomplished public speaker.

In what year did Warren graduate?
A: In 1882 at the age of 17 with a Bachelor of Science degree.

As a youngster, Warren had become an accomplished what?
A: Cornet player.

He played in various bands, and in 1884 Harding gained popular recognition in Marion when his Citizens' Cornet Band won what?
A: The third-place $200 prize at the highly competitive Ohio State Band Festival in Findlay.

What did the winnings pay for?
A: For the band's snappy dress uniforms, which Warren had bought on credit.

In 1900, Warren' political opponent J.F. McNeal, with Amos Kling's help, secretly bought up $20,000 in what?
A: Loans owed by Harding.


On July 8, 1891 who did Warren Harding marry?
A:  Florence Kling DeWolfe, the daughter of his nemesis Amos Hall Kling.

Florence Kling DeWolfe was a divorcee, with a young son, and how much older than Harding?
A:  5 years.

In 1912, incumbent President William Howard Taft chose Harding, a talented speaker, to give what speech?
A: Taft's nominating speech.

Where did Warren served from 1915 until his inauguration as President in 1921?
A: In the Senate.

That makes him the first sitting senator to be what?
A: Elected President of the United States; John F. Kennedy and Barack Obama followed in this pattern.

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