Crime Quiz Questions With Answers

Crime trivia quiz questions with answers


Crime Quiz Questions With Answers

One in twenty children born in the United States today will do what?
A:   Serve time in prison

In Zambia, it is illegal to take picture of who?
A:  Pygmies

In Sumatra what is the penalty for drunk driving?
A:  Loss of a hand

What was the title of Agatha Christie's last published novel ?
A:  Murder from the Past

If you have not done it by the age of 40, the chances are that you never will do what?
A:  Go to Prison

In TV series "The Prisoner " what's the name of the giant balloon?
A:  Rover

Who owned a sword called crocea mors or yellow death?
A:  Julius Caesar


What were Samurai swords tested out on?
A: Prisoners

In what Shakespeare play was the murder of Gonzago performed?
A:  Hamlet

In 1994, a prison inmate, by braiding floss into a rope, was able to what?
A: Scale the wall and escape

Worldwide, single mothers  are over 75% of the women in where?
A:  prison

In the 1940s, in California,  it was illegal to serve what to homosexuals?
A: Alcohol

In the US, what common animal is responsible for most of the deaths annually?
A: Dogs

Carly Simon sang the theme to what movie?
A:  The Spy who Loved


By law in Washington it is illegal to do what?
A: Ride an ugly Horse

What is the most well known prison in the US?
A: Alcatraz

Who was it that said "More people would be alive if we had a death penalty"?
A:  Nancy Reagan

Thomas Jefferson's home in Virginia has a hidden what, illegal at the time? ?
A:  Billiard Table

What is the crime of embracery?
A: Jury Bribing