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Shakespeare Trivia Questions With Answers

Free fun trivia questions and answers about Shakespeare, his plays, and his characters


Shakespeare Trivia Questions With Answers

Shakespeare wrote "Cruel only to be kind"  in what play?
A:  Hamlet

Which Shakespeare play is the only one that doesn't have  a song?
A:  The Comedy of Errors

Venus and Adonis was whose first published work?
A:  William Shakespeare

Which one of Shakespeare's plays was originally titled "What You Will"
A:  Twelfth Night

Who played Elizabeth I in Shakespeare in Love?
A: Judi Dench.

Which eponymous character was Thane of Cawder  Glaimes
A: Macbeth

What's unusual about the moons of Uranus?
A: They were named after Shakespeare characters


Who first said "The Games Afoot"?
A: William Shakespeare

Who are the two most often translated English writers?
A:  Shakespeare and Agatha Christie

Who is the most filmed author?
A:  Shakespeare over 300 films

In Hamlet who is Ophelia's father?
A:  Polonius

In Macbeth what witch speaks first?
A:  The first witch

What do these Shakespeare characters - Antony, Romeo, Othello - have in common?
A:  Suicide

In Shakespeare's Hamlet, what herb is said to be for remembrance?
A:  Rosemary


"It's all Greek to me" comes from what Shakespeare play?
A:  Julius Caesar

The Dogs of War took its title from which other work?
A:  Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

The Boys from Syracuse is based on what Shakespeare play?
A:  The comedy of errors.

What Shakespeare play was the basis of The Forbidden Planet?
A: The Tempest.

Which Shakespeare character says "Blow winds and crack your cheeks"?
A:  King Lear.

Whose ghost appears in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar?
A: Caesar's Ghost.

What play is set in Venice and Cyprus
A:  Othello.

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