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Oklahoma Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Trivia quiz questions about the state of Oklahoma with answers.


State Of Oklahoma Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

The name "Oklahoma" comes from the Choctaw Indian words "okla"  and "humma", meaning what?
A: Red people.

What is the Oklahoma State insect?
A:  Honeybee.

What is the name of Oklahoma's capital city?
A: Oklahoma City.

What is the Oklahoma State rock?
A:  Rose rock.

Oklahoma is the top manufacturer of what automobile related item in North America?
A: Tires.

What is the nickname for the state of Oklahoma?
A:  The Sooner State.

What is the Oklahoma State fossil?
A: Saurophaganax maximus.


On what date did Oklahoma become the 46th US State?
A: November 16, 1907.

What is Oklahoma's largest city?
A:  Oklahoma City.

How many Native American languages are spoken in Oklahoma?
A: 25.

Where does Oklahoma rank as far as size with the rest of the US states?
A: It is the 20th-largest state.

The bombing of what building in Oklahoma City was one of the deadliest acts of terrorism in US history?
A: The Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.

How big is Oklahoma in square miles?
A:  69,898.

What is the Oklahoma State reptile?
A:  Collared lizard.


How many square miles of water does Oklahoma have?
A:  1,281.

What state borders Oklahoma to the north?
A:  Kansas.

What is the Oklahoma State amphibian?
A:  Bullfrog.

Oklahoma had how many farms in 2012?
A: 85,500.

In Oklahoma's panhandle, which county is the only one in the US that touches four states?
A: Cimarron County: New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and Kansas (about two miles worth).

What is the Oklahoma State grass?
A:  Indiangrass .

What is Oklahoma's highest peak?
A:  Black Mesa, at 4,973 feet.


In what year was slavery in Indian Territory abolished ?
A:  1866.

What is the Oklahoma State folk dance?
A: Square Dance.

What is the state's lowest point in elevation?
A:  Near the town of Idabel, OK, at 289 feet above sea level.

What is the Oklahoma State fish?
A:  Sand bass.

What are the four primary mountain ranges  that Oklahoma has?
A: The Ouachita Mountains, the Arbuckle Mountains, the Wichita Mountains, and the Ozark Mountains.

What is the Oklahoma State percussive instrument?
A: Drum.

Failing their definition of a mountain by 1 foot, the Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department considers what hill as the world's tallest?
A: Cavanal Hill, at 1,999 feet.


How many  named creeks and rivers does Oklahoma's waterways have?
A: 500.

What is the Oklahoma State wildflower?
A:  Indian Blanket.

What are the names of the two men who blew up the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in the Oklahoma City bombing of April 19, 1995?
A:  Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols.

What is the Oklahoma State waltz?
A:  Oklahoma Wind.

With 200 lakes created by dams, Oklahoma holds the record for the most artificial what in the country?
A: Reservoirs.

What is the Oklahoma State fruit?
A:  Strawberry.

What percent of Oklahoma is covered by forests?
A: 24%.


What is the Oklahoma State beverage?
A:  Milk.

Oklahoma is the fifth-largest producer in the U.S. of what energy related product?
A: Crude oil.

What is the Oklahoma State floral emblem?
A:  Mistletoe.

How many state parks does Oklahoma have?
A:  50.

What percent of Oklahoma's 10 million acres of forest is public land?
A: Six percent.

Which forest is the biggest and oldest national forest in the Southern United States?
A:  The Ouachita National Forest .

 The Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in Oklahoma is the world's biggest protected area of tallgrass prairie with how much area in acres?
A: 39,000.


What is the Oklahoma State butterfly?
A:  Black Swallowtail.

The Tallgrass Prairie Preserve is part of an ecosystem that encompasses only  10% of what ?
A: Its former land area,  once covering 14 states.

The Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is the oldest and largest of how many national wildlife refuges in Oklahoma?
A: 5.

Oklahoma has one of the highest frequency of tornados of anywhere in the world with an average of how many tornado strikes per annum?
A: 54.

Terry Nichols was convicted of the Oklahoma city bombing and is serving a what?
A:  Life sentence without the possibility of parole.

What is the Oklahoma State flower?
A:  Oklahoma rose.

The entire state of Oklahoma often has what type of temperatures?
A: Above 100 °F or below 0 °F .


What is the Oklahoma State mammal?
A:  American bison.

What is Oklahoma's highest recorded temperature?
A:  120 °F recorded at Tipton on June 27, 1994.

What is the Oklahoma State tree?
A:  Eastern redbud.

What is the lowest recorded temperature for Oklahoma?
A: −31 °F at Nowata on February 10, 2011.

French explorers claimed what is now Oklahoma in the 1700s and it was under French rule until it was purchased by the United States in the what?
A: Louisiana Purchase.

What is the Oklahoma State game bird?
A:  Wild turkey.

In the 1930, what drove thousands of small farmers into poverty?
A: The Dust Bowl.


The State of Oklahoma was established as the 46th state in the Union on what date?
A:  On November 16, 1907.

What is the Oklahoma State song?
A:  "Oklahoma!"

After being convicted of the Oklahoma City bombing, McVeigh was sentenced to what?
A: He was sentenced to death.

According to the United States Census Bureau the population of Oklahoma on July 1, 2013,was how many people?
A: 3,850,568.

Where does Oklahoma rank as far as the production of natural gas compared to the other US states?
A: Third in the country.

What city in Oklahoma is home to the largest airline maintenance base in the world?
A: Tulsa.

What is the Oklahoma State Gospel Song?
A: "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot .

How many of Oklahoma's Native American ballerinas have become internationally famous?
A: Five,  Yvonne Chouteau, sisters Marjorie and Maria Tallchief, Rosella Hightower and Moscelyne Larkin.

What are Oklahoma's only major league teams?
A:  City Thunder of the National Basketball Association and the Tulsa Shock of the Women's National Basketball Association.

What is the Oklahoma State bird?
A:  Scissor-tailed flycatcher.

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