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Name Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Name trivia quiz questions with answers about names.


Name Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

What is the most common name for American cities with a total of 66 of them?
A: Fairview

What does Barbara mean?
A:  Strange or Foreign - from Greek

Which garment is derived from the Latin "to cover"?
A:  Toga

What is sometimes nicknamed Adams Profession?
A:  Gardener

Robert Langford Modini achieve success as who?
A:  Robert Stack

Which female name means bright or illustrious?
A:  Clare or Clara

Lauris Nobilis is Latin for what common herb?
A:  Bay


Gerry Dawsy changed his name to what as a singer?
A:  Englebert Humperdinck

What royal rode a horse called Diomed?
A:  The Duke of Wellington

In Hebrew,  what does the name Jesse mean?
A:  Wealth

The world's most popular first name is what?
A:  Mohammed

The name Calvin has Latin meaning?
A:  Bald

Which boys name means rich guard?
A:  Edward or Edmund

The name of what household item comes from the Latin "to wonder at"?
A: Mirror


The Intelligent whale was the nickname of an early what?
A: Submarine

What Roman Emperors name means" little boats"?
A:  Caligula

The element Chlorine was named after the Greek word for what?
A: Green

Aesculus is Latin for what kind of tree?
A:  Horse Chestnut

What is another name for the angel shark ?
A:  The monkfish

Race car driver James Hunts nickname was what?
A:  Hunt the Shunt

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