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Wichita Trivia Questions

Trivia questions with answers about Wichita Kansas

What state is Wichita located in?
A: Kansas.

Wichita is the largest city in the U.S. state of Kansas and the county seat of what?
A: Sedgwick County.

As of the 2020 census what was the population of the city?
A: It was 397,532.

What was the populations of the Wichita metro area?
A: It had a population of 647,610 in 2020.

It is in south-central Kansas on what river?
A: The Arkansas River.


Wichita began as a trading post on what trail?
A: The Chisholm Trail in the 1860s.

When was it incorporated as a city?
A: In 1870.

It became a destination for cattle drives traveling north from Texas to what?
A: Kansas railroads.

It earned what nickname?
A: Cowtown.

Wyatt Earp served as a police officer in Wichita for how long before going to Dodge City?
A: One year.


In the 1920s and 1930s, businessmen and aeronautical engineers established aircraft manufacturing companies in Wichita, including whom?
A: Beechcraft, Cessna, and Stearman.

The city became an aircraft production hub known as what?
A:  The Air Capital of the World.

Textron Aviation, Learjet, Airbus, and Boeing/Spirit AeroSystems continue to do what?
A: Operate design and manufacturing facilities in Wichita, and the city remains a major center of the American aircraft industry.

Several airports located within the city of Wichita include what?
A:  McConnell Air Force Base, Colonel James Jabara Airport, and Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport, the largest airport in Kansas.

As an industrial hub, Wichita is a what?
A: A regional center of culture, media, and trade.


It hosts several universities, large museums, theaters, parks, shopping centers, and entertainment venues, most notably what?
A:  Intrust Bank Arena and Century II Performing Arts & Convention Center.

Archaeological evidence indicates human habitation near the confluence of the Arkansas and Little Arkansas Rivers, the site of present-day Wichita, as early as when?
A: 3000 BC.

In 1541, a Spanish expedition led by explorer Francisco Vázquez de Coronado found the area what?
A: Populated by the Quivira, or Wichita, people.

Conflict with the Osage in the 1750s did what?
A: Drove the Wichita further south.

Prior to European settlement of the region, the site was in the territory of whom?
A: The Kiowa.


Claimed first by France as part of Louisiana and later acquired by the United States with the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, it became part of Kansas Territory when?
A: In 1854 and then the state of Kansas in 1861.

The Wichita people returned in 1863, driven from their land in Indian Territory by whom?
A: Confederate forces in the American Civil War.

During this period, trader Jesse Chisholm established a trading post at the site, one of several along a trail extending south to where?
A: Texas which became known as the Chisholm Trail.

In 1867, after the war, the Wichita returned to what?
A: Indian Territory.

In 1868, trader James R. Mead was among a group of investors who did what?
A: Established a town company, and surveyor Darius Munger built a log structure for the company to serve as a hotel, community center, and post office.

That summer, Mead and others organized the Wichita Town Company, naming the settlement after what?
A: The Wichita tribe.



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