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Capacitor Trivia Questions

Capacitor questions with answers.


Capacitor Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

Capacitors were originally called what?
A: Condensers.

What is a capacitor?
A: A passive two-terminal electrical component used to store energy.

How does a capacitor store energy?
A: Electro-statically in an electric field.

All capacitors have at least how many plates (conductors)?
A: Two.

Along with the plates, what other thing is needed for a capacitor?
A:  A dielectric (i.e. insulator).

The conductors in a capacitor can be thin films, foils or sintered beads of metal or basically anything what?
A: Conductive.

The dielectric acts to increase the capacitor's what?
A: Charge capacity.


A dielectric can be glass, ceramic, plastic film, air, vacuum, paper, mica, oxide layer or anything that does not what?
A: Conduct electricity.

Capacitors are used as parts of a "what"?
A: Electrical or electronic circuit.

An ideal capacitor does not dissipate what?
A: Energy.

A capacitor stores energy in the form of an electrostatic field between its what?
A: Plates.

When there is a potential difference across the conductors of a capacitor, what develops across the dielectric?
A: An electric field.

An ideal capacitor is characterized by a single constant value for its what?
A: Capacitance.

How is capacitance is expressed?
A: As the ratio of the electric charge Q on each conductor to the potential difference V between them.


What is the SI unit of capacitance?
A: The farad (F), which is equal to one coulomb per volt (1 C/V).

The capacitance is greater when the plates are what?
A: Closer together.

The capacitance is greater when the plates have a larger what?
A: Area.

 In real life, the dielectric between the plates allows a small amount of what to flow?
A: Current.

The small current that can flow through the dielectric is called what?
A: Leakage current.

A dielectric has an electric field strength limit, known as what?
A: The breakdown voltage.

The conductors and leads of a capacitor introduce an undesired what?
A: Inductance and resistance.


Capacitors are often used in electronic circuits for blocking what?
A: Direct current.

A capacitor can block DC current while allowing what to flow through?
A: AC current.

What does the capacitor do in an analog filter network?
A: It smoothes the output of power supplies.

In resonant circuits capacitors do what?
A: Tune circuits to particular frequencies.

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