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Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers About Electronics

What does AM stand for as in AM radio?
A: Amplitude Modulation.

In radio electronics, what does FM stand for?
A: Frequency Modulation.

In electronics, what does PCM stand for?
A: Pulse Code Modulation.

Electricity is capable of producing what in the body?
A: Deep and severe burns.

When muscles involuntarily contract due to the passage of external electric current through the body it is called what?
A: Tetanus.

AC is more likely to cause a victim's heart to do what than DC electricity?
A: Fibrillate.


How much work can be done in a given amount of time is called what?
A: Power.

In electronics, power is a function of both voltage and what?
A: Current.

One horsepower is equal to how many watts?
A: 745.7

Electric power is typically measured in "watts," and it can be calculated by what formula?
A: P = IE.

Does a capacitor pass more or less current as the frequency of the signal increases?
A: It passes more current as the frequency increases.

Without negative feedback, an op-amp can act as a what?
A: Comparator.

Op Amps have basically three amplifiers or stages, the input differential stage, the gain stage, and the what?
A: Output stage.


An ideal op amp has how much gain?
A: Infinite.

What is the underlying operating principle for all modern day op amps?
A: Negative feedback.

The first real-time computer was the what?
A: Analog computer!

The heart of the analog computer was a device called a what?
A: Operational amplifier.

Integrated circuits, (ICs) were developed in the 50s and 60s, and in the middle 60s Fairchild introduced the µA709,the first commercially successful IC op amp, designed by who?
A: Robert J. Widler

According to Ohms Law, when the current flowing through any portion of a circuit is known, the voltage dropped across that portion of the circuit can be determined by multiplying the current times the what?
A: Resistance.

A laser can be operated in either continuous mode or in what mode, depending on whether the power output is continuous or pulses of light?
A: Pulsed mode.


Kirchoff’s voltage law states that the sum of the voltage drops in a series circuit is equal to the sum of what?
A: The voltage sources.

Kirchoff’s current law states: the sum of the currents entering a junction equals the sum of the currents what?
A: Leaving the junction.

Video signals contain high frequencies and so what is typically used to transmit and receive video signals?
A: Coaxial cable.

In digital electronics, what does TTL stand for?
A: Transistor Transistor Logic.

In the world of digital electronics, what does RTL stand for?
A: Resistor Transistor Logic.

What does DTL stand for?
A: Diode Transistor Logic.

TTL was invented in 1961 by who at TRW?
A: James L. Buie.


The first commercial integrated-circuit TTL devices were manufactured by who in 1963?
A: Sylvania.

In what year did Texas Instruments introduce the 5400 series of ICs, with military temperature range?
A: In 1964.

In what year did Texas Instruments introduce the 7400 series?
A: In 1966.

Standard TTL circuits operate with a power supply voltage of how much?
A: 5 Volts.

Which logic families devices consume substantially more power than equivalent CMOS devices at rest?

TTL chips with their "totem-pole" output structure often have a momentary overlap when both the upper and lower transistors are conducting which results in a substantial what?
A: Current spike.

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