Fun Oldies Music Trivia From 50s, 60s, 70s

Fun Oldies Music Trivia Questions and Answers


Fun Oldies Music Trivia From 50s, 60s, 70s

What was Stories' only No 1 hit?
A: Brother Lewis.

What was the Beach Boy's next No 1 after the 60s classic Good Vibrations?
A: Kokomo.

In the 60s, which Roy was Running Scared?
A: Orbison.

Who was born Gloria Fajarda?
A: Gloria Estefan.

I Will Always Love You was an early 90s hit for which superstar?
A: Whitney Houston.

Which hit managed to rhyme groovy with movie?
A: Eleanor.

Who was reunited with Peaches at No 1?
A: Herb.


Who had a big 70s No 1 with If You Leave Me Now?
A: Chicago.

Who issued bonds in his name for people to invest in in 1997?
A: David Bowie.

I Will Always Love You was an early 90s hit for which superstar?
A: Whitney Houston.

Which Bruce Springsteen album featured Dancing In The Dark and I'm On Fire?
A: Born In The USA.

What color was The Marcels' moon?
A: Blue.

Which prominent figure throughout the 70s was born in Pinner, Middlesex, England, 25 March 1947?
A: Elton John.

Who had an 80s No 1 with Don' Worry Be Happy?
A: Bobby McFerrin.


Terry Cath and Robert Lamm have featured in which pop band?
A: Chicago.

Which color hit NO 1 the week after Green Tambourine was top?
A: Blue - Love Is Blue.

"Who was backed by the Drells?
A: Archie Bell.

Who sang with Mariah Carey on One Sweet Day?
A: Boyz II Men.

Which name links Whitney Houston's childhood nickname with her TV Production company?
A: Nippy.

What was Whitney Houston's first No 1?
A: Saving All My Love For You.

Which pop singer starred in the movie the Jazz Singer?
A: Neil Diamond.


What was the follow-up to Baby Love for the Supremes?
A: Come See About Me.

Which Terry was in the Poppy family?
A: Terry Jacks.

Who topped the US chart in 1976 with the triple-platinum album Breezin'?
A: George Benson.

What nationality were Rednex?
A: Swedish.

Who was backed by The Fireballs?
A: Jimmy Gilmer.

Suzanne Vega was in whose Diner?
A: Tom's.

Who formed the Highwaymen with Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings & Kris Kristofferson?
A: Willie Nelson.


What instrument does Charlie Watts play in the Rolling Stones?
A: Drums.

Who had No 1s with Pappa Don't Preach and Open Your Heart?
A: Madonna.

the words "Imagine me and you, I do" come from which No 1 hit?
A: Happy Together.

Billy Joel named the album 52nd Street after which studio at that New York location?
A: A & R Studio.

Which hit reached No 1 in the UK and US for Phil Collins?
A: A Groovy Kind Of Love.

Which male singer fronted the group Change before is solo career took off?
A: Luther Vandross.

Who had a No 1` with Grazing In The Grass?
A: Hugh Masekela.


Which brother and sister sang Morning side Of The Mountain?
A: Donnie and Marie Osmond.

Who had her first No 1 as Mrs. Sonny Bono?
A: Cher.

Who had a record eight albums simultaneously i the UK chart three months after his death?
A: Jim Reeves.

In 1996 Robert Hoskins was convicted of stalking which star?
A: Madonna.

What Purple thing topped the US album charts for 20 weeks?
A: Rain.

Which group gave Joy To the World?
A: Three Dog Night.


What was the first top ten hit for Styx?
A: Lady.

Whose first No 1 was top for a week, second No 1 top for two weeks, and third No 1 top for three weeks.?
A: Whitney Houston.

Samuel Goldberg had a string of 40s hits as which Buddy?
A: Clark.

Who had a 60s NO 1 with Over And Over.
A: The Dave Clark Five.

Who had a 60s No 1 with Hello Goodbye?
A: The Beatles.

Billy Ocean sang Get Outta My Dreams, get Into My what?
A: Car.