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War Trivia Quiz Questions

War trivia questions with the answers about wars, battles, and armies.


War Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

What happened July 15, 1815 on the ship HMS Bellerophon?
A:  Napoleon surrendered.

At which battle did Admiral Horatio Nelson lose his arm?
A:  Tenerife

How was Stonewall Jackson killed?
A:  His own troops shot him by mistake

In what WWI battle were tanks first used?
A: Somme

In which country is The Shining Path  a revolutionary movement?
A:  Peru

When he was killed, what rank was George Armstrong Custer?
A:  Lieutenant Colonel

What battle does the French Legion Celebrate Annually?
A:  Camerone - A Defeat


Who was the British General in charge of the 1916 offensive in WWI?
A:  Sir Douglas Haig

Who was it that captured the first confederate flag during the U.S. civil war?
A: George Armstrong Custer

Roman soldier's slaves were called what?
A: Addicts - addicted means enslaved

After the US civil war what was known as the soldiers disease?
A:  Morphine addiction

What was the only movie made about the Vietnam war, made during the Vietnam war?
A:  The Green Berets

24 Reuben James was the first US warship sunk by what in October 1941?
A: Submarine in WWII

What WWII resistance movements name is Italian for thicket?
A:  Maquis


Who, in WWII, would wear a Hachimaki - or headband?
A:  Kamikaze pilots

In 1856, the "Treaty of Paris" ended what war?
A:  The Crimean war

What country used the first aircraft equipped with bombs in a war with Italy?
A: Italy in the  Italian Turkish war 1912

What was RJ Mitchell's contribution to WWII?
A: He designed the Spitfire

Captain Hans Langsdorff captained which German Battleship?
A:  Graf Spee

In WWI, what was used as warning devices atop the Eiffel Tower?
A:  Parrots

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