Medical Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Trivia quiz questions with the answers about medical things.


Medical Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

What does a hypodermic literally mean?
A:  Under skin

Both sexes get them but men get them more often. What are they?
A: Hiccups.

The inability to feel pleasure is called what?
A: Anhedonia.

If you have Acute hasopharyngitis , what have you caught?
A: A cold.

The recreational activity that causes the most bone fractures is what?
A: Aerobic Dancing

Omphalitis is an infection of which part of the body?
A: Navel

What causes one death per day?
A: Wrong prescription or dose.


The space between your nostrils is called a what?
 A: A columella.

Ozostomia is another name for what?
A: Bad Breath, or Halitosis.

Two out of three visits to American doctors are for what type of problems?
A:  Stress Related

Fifteen percent of American males are what?
A: Color Blind

What type of hairs are the last ones to lose their color as you age?
A:  Eyelashes

What profession had Lemual Gulliver when he was shipwrecked?
A: Ships surgeon


In 1867,  who was the first woman in the U.S. to become a registered dentist?
A:  Lucy Hobbs Taylor

Who was the first doctor to use Ether  as an anesthetic, in 1842?
A:  Dr C W Long

A more commonly used word for podobromhidrosis is what?
A: Smelly Feet

Fear of Riding in a vehicle is known as what?
A: Amaxophobia

Which organ in the human body has a name that translates as "all flesh"
A: Pancreas

What does PO mean on a prescription?
A: By mouth

Which human organ produces bilirubin?
A:  Liver