World History Trivia

World trivia quiz questions and answers.


World History Trivia

Fritz Von Werra was the only German pilot in World War II to do what?
A:  Escape.

The first public supply of electricity  in Britain came from what river in 1881?
A:  Wey.

What did Winston Churchill call his favorite poodle?
A:  Rufus.

40 Who nickname was the Desert Fox?
A: Erwin Rommel.

Canadian Fran Philps was the first woman to reach what?
A: The North Pole

What breakthrough aid to archaeologists from 197 BC was found in Egypt in 1799?
A:  Rosetta Stone

What was the tabularium in ancient Rome?
A: Hall of Public Records


The first Englishman to die in an air plane crash was who?
A:  Charles Rolls.

Who was the jeweler to the Russian Court famous for his decorated Easter eggs?
A:  Faberge

What Athenian philosopher wrote nothing but was immortalized by Plato?
A:  Socrates

Jesuit Bark was used in 1666 as a prevention against what disease?
A:  Malaria

Hercules had to clean whose stables in one night?
A:  Aegean Stables

In 1000 B.C., what did Israelites pay their taxes in?
A:  Raisins.


Which car company was founded by Sir William Lyons in 1922?
A:  Jaguar.

In 1720 what exploded?
A: The South Sea Bubble.

Noah's Ark had two of everything including what feature?
A: Windows.

Ilich Ramirez Sanchez was better known  as who?
A:  Carlos the Jackal.

What navel officer fought at the battles of Bastia, Calvi and Toulon?
A: Horatio Nelson.

What is the oldest swimming stroke, dating from the  16th century?
A:  Breaststroke.

Augusto Pinochet ruled what  country?
A: Chile.