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Quiz Questions With Answers About France and French Related Trivia

French trivia questions about French things.


Quiz Questions With Answers About France and French Related Trivia

The Dutch Royal family are Orange, where is Orange?
A:  Village in France.

We call it Custard, what do the French call it?
A:  Creame anglaise.

Life Love Cows  is the French translation of what movie?
A:  City Slickers.

What is the name of the U.S. mountain range that comes from the French" At the Bows"?
A:  Ozarks.

We call it The Big Dipper, but the French call it what?
A: The Casserole.


In the U.K.  marmite is a spread , but what is a marmite in France?
A: A tall straight cooking pot.

In French, what sport originally meant "look here"?
A:  Tennis.

In France, in tennis, love means zero but what did it originally mean?
A:  Eggs

Which dish gets its name from the French meaning to stir?
A:  Ratatouille.

The French translation of the TV show "The X Files" is what?
A: At the borders of reality.


The French secret service are called the what?
A:  The Sureto.

Which English word comes from the French for candle?
A:  Chandelier.

What Frenchman was known as the king of chefs and chef of Kings?
A:  August Escoffier.

After America, what country imports the most scotch?
A:  France.

What material has a name that comes from the French for rag?
A:  Chiffon.


The French knew which country as Terra Napoleon?
A: Australia.

The most popular star of 1925 was born in a trench in France, who was it?
A:  Rin Tin-Tin during World War I

The French newspaper La Monde translates as what?
A:  The World

The French call it Gulf de Gascoine what's its English name?
A:  Bay of Biscay

What kind of nuts are noisette in France?
A:  Hazelnuts

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