Nature Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

Nature trivia quiz questions about mother nature


Nature Trivia Quiz Questions And Answers

The local name of which plant is "Flower of the blessed night"?
A:  Poinsettia

What color on a standard rainbow is on the inside of the curve?
A:  Violet

The cast iron plant is another name for what?
A:  Aspidistra

Ailsa Craig, Bedford Champion and Rijnsburger  are varieties of what?
A:  Onions

Other than Bonsai, what are the world's smallest trees?
A:  Dwarf Willows (Greenland) 2 inch

In what country are the Pindus the main mountain range?
A:  Greece

What is it that is unusual about the nobody crab?
A: Transparent Body


Over which mountains does the Pampero blow?
A:  Andes

What are Churchill, Iroquois, Owen and Smiths?
A: Waterfalls

What is always the brightest star in the Northern sky?
A:  Vega

The flower convallaria is also called a what?
A:  Lily of the Valley

Gabbro is what kind of rock?
A:  Igneous

Parsley is a member of what family?
A:  Carrot

Which type of tree can be English, American or Eurasian?
A:  Elm


The most common hat in the world is made out of what?
A:  Bamboo

The tangy smell at the seaside is caused by what?
A:  Rotting Seaweed

In the Greater Antilles, what is the largest island?
A: Cuba

Goldings and Fuggles are varieties of what?
A:  Hops

What plant is sometimes called the poor man's weatherglass?
A:  Scarlet Pimpernel

What is the Hindu Kush?
A:  Mountain Range

The Sycamore is also called what?
A: The false plane tree


What kind of bird is the symbol  for the Royal Society Protection Birds?
A:  Avocet

An Archelon was what kind of animal?
A:  A Turtle

What on average is two inches wide and 2 miles long?
A:  A lightning bolt

The planet Pluto was nearly called what ?
A: Zeus

In Latin, what gemstones name means sea water?
A:  Aquamarine

What is The fastest swimming ocean fish, clocked at over 60 mph, is what kind of fish?
A:  Sailfish - Marlin

Tulips originated in which country?
A:  Persia

Garnet is the birthstone of what month?
A: January

Where is the Isle of Pelicans?
A:  Alcatraz