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The Hollies Trivia Questions and Answers

Trivia quiz questions about the old rock and roll band The Hollies


The Hollies Trivia Questions and Answers

Who are The Hollies?
A: They are an English rock group known for their distinctive three part vocal harmony style.

The Hollies became one of the leading British groups of what decade?
A:  1960s.

The band was formed by whom?
A:  Allan Clarke and Graham Nash.

When did they form the group?
A: In late 1962 as a Merseybeat type music group in Manchester.

Graham Nash left the group in what year  to form the supergroup Crosby, Stills & Nash?
A: 1968.

The Hollies did not achieve major US chart success until 1966 with what song?
A: "Bus Stop".

The Hollies had how many charting singles on the UK Singles Chart?
A: Over 30.


How many charting singles on the Billboard Hot 100?
A: 22.

They are one of the few British pop groups of the early 1960s that have never officially what?
A: Broken up.

The Hollies were inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in what year?
A 2010.

Clarke and Nash became a vocal and guitar duo modeled on what group?
A:  The Everly Brothers.

In 1962, Clarke and Nash joined a Manchester band, the Deltas, which had just lost what?
A:  Two members.

When did the Deltas first call themselves "The Hollies" ?
A: For a December 1962 gig at the Oasis Club in Manchester.

In January 1963, the Hollies performed at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, where they were seen by who?
A: Parlophone assistant producer Ron Richards, who had been involved in producing the first Beatles session.


Richards offered them an audition with Parlophone, but Steele did not want to be a what?
A:  "professional" musician and left the band.

For the audition, they replaced Steele with who?
A: Tony Hicks.

The Hollies were signed by Richards, who would produce the band until what year?
A: 1976.

A song from the audition, "Ain't That Just Like Me", was released as their debut single in May 1963, and hit what number on the UK Singles Chart?
A: No.25.

Their second single, another cover of the Coasters, this time 1957's "Searchin'", hit what number?
A: No.12.

After recording only eight songs for Parlophone, who decided to leave the band?
A: Rathbone.

Hicks was able to arrange for who to replace Rathbone as the Hollies' new drummer in August 1963?
A: Bobby Elliott.


The band then scored their first British Top 10 hit in early 1964 with a cover of what?
A:  Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs' "Stay", which reached No.8 in the UK.

The Hollies became known for doing cover versions, and they followed up with what?
A: "Just One Look".

By this time, the Hollies were writing and performing a substantial amount of what?
A: Original material, written by the group's songwriting team of Clarke, Hicks and Nash.

Finally, the Hollies broke through in North America with what original song?
A: "Look Through Any Window".

"Bus Stop" gave the Hollies their first what?
A:  U.S. top ten single.


In October 1966, the group's fifth album, For Certain Because became their first album consisting entirely of what?
A: Original compositions by Clarke, Hicks and Nash.

Released in the US as Stop! Stop! Stop! it reached No.91 there and spawned what US release-only single?
A:  "Pay You Back with Interest".

Meanwhile, the Hollies continued to release a steady stream of international what?
A: Hit singles.