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Donald Duck Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Donald Duck Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers


Donald Duck Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

What are Donald Duck's two dominant personality traits?
A: His short temper and his positive outlook on life.

Many Donald shorts start with Donald in a happy mood, until something comes along and does what?
A: Ruins his day.

Donald's anger is a great cause of what?
A: Suffering in his life.

Sometimes Donald Duck succeeds in holding his temper, but only what?
A: Temporarily.

When faced with a threat of some kind, he is at first scared, but his fear is replaced by what?
A: Anger.

Donald is a prankster, and he can sometimes come across as a what?
A: A bully.

What did the animator Fred Spencer say about Donald?
A: He can dish it out, but he can't take it.


However, with a few exceptions, there is seldom any what in Donald's pranks?
A: Malice.

Donald almost never intends to do what to anyone?
A: Hurt them.

Whenever Donald's pranks go too far, he is always very what?
A: Regretful.

Donald is also a bit of a show-off, and he likes to what?
A: Brag, especially about how skilled he is at something.

Donald has many skills, in fact, you could call him a what?
A: Jack of all Trades.

Another one of Donald's personality traits is what?
A: Tenacity.

What phrase does he greet his friend Daisy, and occasionally others with?
A:  "Hiya, toots!".


When Donald is excited about something, what does he usually mutter under his breath?
A:  "Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy..."

Throughout his career, Donald has shown that he's jealous of who?
A:  Mickey Mouse.

What does Donald want that Mickey has?
A: His job as Disney's greatest star.

In most of the Disney cartoons, Mickey and Donald are shown as partners and have little to no what?
A: Rivalry.

In the comics, Donald is often pestered and tormented by the whom?
A: Beagle Boys, Magica De Spell, Gladstone Gander and Mr. Jones.

In the videogame Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers, who does Donald save Daisy from?
A:  Merlock.

The date of June 9 is officially recognized by the Walt Disney Company as what?
A:  Donald Duck's birthday.


Burt Gillett brought Donald back in what Mickey Mouse cartoon?
A: Orphan's Benefit, released August 11, 1934.

Donald continued to be a hit with audiences and the character began appearing regularly in most what?
A: Mickey Mouse cartoons.

In 1936, Donald was redesigned to be what?
A: A bit fuller, rounder, and cuter.

What cartoon was the first to feature this design?
A: The cartoon Moving Day.

What was his first solo cartoon?
A: The January 9, 1937 Ben Sharpsteen cartoon, Don Donald.

Don Donald also introduced a love interest of Donald's, Donna Duck, who evolved into who?
A: Daisy Duck.

Donald Duck's nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie, would make their first animated appearance on what date?
A: In the April 15, 1938 film, Donald's Nephews.

By 1938, most polls showed that Donald was more popular than who?
A:  Mickey Mouse.

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