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Ivanka Trump Trivia

Ivanka Trump trivia quiz questions with answers


Ivanka Trump Trivia

In what religion was Ivanka raised?
A: Presbyterian.

Before her wedding, how long did she study with Rabbi Elie Weinstock?
A: For over a year.

What did Ivanka pass?
A: She passed an Orthodox conversion to Judaism

What Hebrew name did she take?
A: Ivanka took the Hebrew name "Yael".

How does Ivanka describe her conversion?
A: “amazing and beautiful journey”.

Ivanka maintains that her father supported her studies from day one, due to his respect for what?
A: The Jewish religion.

She attests to keeping what kind of diet?
A: A kosher diet.

Ivanka observes the Jewish what?
A: Sabbath.

Where does she send her daughter to kindergarten?
A: At a Jewish school in New York City.

In college, Ivanka was in a nearly four-year relationship with whom?
A: Greg Hersch.

Who was Greg Hersch?
A: An investment banker at Salomon Brothers, Bear Stearns and UBS.

Who did Trump date from 2001 to 2005?
A: James "Bingo" Gubelmann.

In what year did Ivanka begin dating real estate developer Jared Kushner?
A: In 2005.

Why did they break up in 2008?
A: Kushner's parents objected.

Ivanka and Jared got back together and married in what kind of ceremony?
A: A Jewish ceremony.

On what date did Ivanka and Jared marry?
A: On October 25, 2009.

How many kids do they have?
A: They have three.

What are the kid’s names?
A: Daughter Arabella Rose Kushner, and sons Joseph Frederick Kushner and Theodore James Kushner.

Ivanka was a childhood friend of what famous socialite?
A: Paris Hilton.

Ivanka is friends with what ex president’s daughter?
A: Chelsea Clinton.

Ivanka has what kind of relationship with her father?
A: A close relationship.

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