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Jeff Bezos Trivia Quiz Questions

Trivia quiz questions with answers about Jeff Bezos

Who is Jeff Bezos?
A: Jeffrey Preston Bezos is an American entrepreneur, media proprietor, investor, computer engineer, and commercial astronaut.

He is the founder, executive chairman and former president and CEO of what company?
A: Amazon.

What was his net worth as of September 2022?
A: Around US$136 billion.

When was Bezos the wealthiest person on earth?
A: From 2017 to 2021 according to both Bloomberg's Billionaires Index and Forbes.

Where was in born?
A: In Albuquerque, New Mexico.


At the time of Jeff's birth how old was his mother?
A: She was a 17-year-old high school student, and his father was 19 years old.

Where was he raised?
A: In Houston and Miami.

Jeff attended a Montessori school in Albuquerque, New Mexico, when he was how old?
A: Two years old.

After his parents divorced, his mother married whom?
A: Cuban immigrant Miguel "Mike" Bezos in April 1968.

Shortly after the wedding, what did Mike do?
A: He adopted four-year-old Jeff whose surname was then legally changed from Jorgensen to Bezos.


Jeff attended what Elementary School in Houston from fourth to sixth grade?
A: River Oaks Elementary School.

Bezos graduated from Princeton University in what year?
A: 1986.

He holds a degree in what?
A: Electrical engineering and computer science.

He worked on Wall Street in a variety of related fields from 1986 until when?
A:  1994.

When did Bezos found Amazon?
A: In late 1994 on a road trip from New York City to Seattle.


The company began as a what?
A: An online bookstore.

 He has since expanded to a variety of other e-commerce products and services, including video and audio streaming, cloud computing, and what?
A: Artificial intelligence.

It is currently the world's largest what?
A: Online sales company.

It’s the largest Internet company by what?
A: Revenue.

What did Bezos form in 2000?
A: The aerospace manufacturer and sub-orbital spaceflight services company Blue Origin.


Blue Origin's New Shepard vehicle reached space in 2015 and afterwards successfully did what?
A: It landed back on Earth.

He also purchased what major American newspaper?
A: The Washington Post in 2013.

How much did he pay for it?
A: $250 million.

In September 2021, Bezos co-founded what biotechnology company?
A: Altos Labs with founder Yuri Milner.

He was the first what on the Forbes wealth index?
A: Centibillionaire.


When was Bezos named the "richest man in modern history" after his net worth increased to $150 billion?
A: In July 2018.

In August 2020, according to Forbes, he had a net worth exceeding how much?
A: $200 billion.

In 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic, his wealth grew by approximately how much?
A: $24 billion.

On July 5, 2021, Bezos stepped down as the CEO and President of Amazon and transitioned into what role?
A: The role of executive chairman; Andy Jassy, the chief of Amazon's cloud computing division, replaced Bezos as the CEO and President of Amazon.

What did he do on July 20, 2021?
A: He flew to space alongside his half-brother, Mark.

The suborbital flight lasted over 10 minutes, reaching what peak altitude?
A:  66.5 miles (107.0 km).



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