Alfred Hitchcock Trivia Questions and Answers

Alfred Hitchcock trivia questions about Psycho, Frenzy, The Birds, Saboteur and more.


Alfred Hitchcock Trivia Questions and Answers

In Alfred Hitchcock's Strangers on a Train, what sport does Farley Granger excel in?
A: Tennis.

In Hitchcock's Frenzy, what was the murder weapon used?
A: Neck tie.

What was the name of the character in Psycho played by Anthony Perkins.
A: Norman Bates.

Bodega Bay was the location for which Hitchcock movie?
A: The Birds.

What movie director was said to have described actors as "cattle"?
A: Alfred Hitchcock.

Which movie has the last line: "...and they'll say 'why, she wouldn't even hurt a fly'"?
A: Psycho.

In which Hitchcock movie does a glass of milk figure in a key scene?
A: Suspicion.


Which one of Hitchcock's films have the villain fall from the Statue of Liberty?
A: Saboteur.

What is the name of Maxim de Winter's house in the Hitchcock movie Rebecca?
A: Manderley.

In Hitchcock's Vertigo what does the hero have a fear of?
A: Heights.

The heroine of which Hitchcock film found a shrunken head in her bed?
A: Under Capricorn.

What was different than normal about the background music to Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho?
A: It was composed of only strings.

In which one of Alfred Hitchcock's movies did the characters Scottie Ferguson and Madeleine Elster appear?
A: Vertigo.

The climax to Hitchcock's "The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956) took place in what concert arena?
A: Albert Hall.


What was the "trouble" in the movie "The Trouble with Harry"?
A: Harry was dead.

The Birds, a 1963 Hitchcock movie, was based on a novel written by whom?
A: Daphne Du Maurier.

In Shadow of a Doubt, how does the central villain Joseph Cotten die?
A: Falls from a train.

Which Hitchcock movie has a man fall from the Statue of Liberty?
A: Saboteur.

What was the name of the actress who met Norman Bates in a 1998 remake of Psycho and Hannibal Lecter in the 2001 movie Hannibal?
A: Julianne Moore.

What was the name of the character played by Janet Leigh in Psycho?
A: Marion Crane.

In the film Psycho what was Norman Bate's hobby?
A: Stuffing birds.

In which movie was the first flushing toilet ever seen?
A: Psycho.