Miscellaneous Movie Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers


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Miscellaneous Movie Trivia Quiz Questions With Answers

Who saw his Mazurkas described by a Berlin critic in 1833 as "repugnant" and "tortuous"?
A: Fredric Chopin.

How many former Beatles had chart-topping singles from 1973 to 1974?
A: Four.

What role in The Godfather did Robert De Niro test for?
A: Sonny Corleone.

What's the first word of the most pop song titles?
A: I.

What 1995 movie's lead character tells the motel clerk he's there to drink himself to death?
A: Leaving Las Vegas. 

What 1989 movie has Dan Aykroyd note: "Cars don't misbehave"?
A: Driving Miss Daisy.

What critter is the "Iggy" short for in Iggy Pop?
A: The iguana

What director earned a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart during his tour of duty in Vietnam?
A: Oliver Stone.

What theme is central to the movies The Lost Weekend, The Morning After and My Name Is Bill W.?
A: Alcoholism.

What NBC sitcom once saw two if its neurotics try to pitch NBC on a sitcom about nothing?
A: Seinfeld.

What three Godfather cast members were all up for the Best Supporting Actor Oscar?
A: James Caan, Robert Duvall, AL Pacino.

Who's the adopted son of Vito Corleone?
A: Tom Hagen.

Who's the TV FBI agent with a penchant for the paranormal?
A: Fox Mulder.

What movie sees Danny Devito tell Michelle Pfeiffer: "You lousy minx, I ought to have you spayed"?
A: Batman Returns.

What Saturday Night Live cast member left in 1994 after being in a record 153 shows?
A: Phil Hartman.

What 1982 movie had critic Janet Maslin carp: "The Oscar seemed to have been mistaken for the Nobel Peace Prize"?
A: Gandhi.

What crooner's new line of neckwear did David Letterman suggest be named "Alleged Mob Ties"?
A: Frank Sinatra's.

What song-writing duo's hits made it to Broadway i the show "Smokey Joe's Cafe"?
A: Leiber and Stoller's.

Who's known in Colorado Springs as Dr. Mike?
A: Dr. Michaela Quinn.

What movie pairs Tom Hanks and Antonio Banderas as lovers?
A: Philadelphia.

Who'd begun work on a 10th symphony when he died during a thunderstorm in 1827?
A: Ludwig van Beethoven.

What famed 1936 war novel mentions the Tarleton twins in its first line?
A: Gone With the Wind.

Who was the first living person to become a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame?
A: Roy Acuff.

What song was heard 250 different ways in a 1994 Ken Burns documentary?
A: Take Me Out to the Ballgame.

What zip code was mentioned 301 times in the first five years of Entertainment Weekly?
A: 90210.

What jazz style did Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie help invent?
A: Bebop.

What was late SCTV star sighed: "I'm the one who has to look in the mirror, and after a while it begins to eat at you?
A: John Candy.

What singer did Michael Bolton neglect to thank while accepting a Grammy for "When a Man Loves a Woman"?
A: Percy Sledge.

What hipster said in 1948: We're a beat generation"?
A: Jack Kerouac.

What veteran British rock star explained: "I smash guitars because I like them"?
A: Peter Townsend.