Easy Bible Trivia Questions With Answers

Fun bible trivia quiz questions and answers.


Easy Bible Trivia Questions With Answers

Which Biblical heroes name meant splendid sun?
A:  Samson

Who betrayed Jesus to the Romans?
A: Judas Escariot

What book of the Bible does not mention the name of God?
A:  Esther

Who was the third and favorite son of David in Old Testament ?
A:  Absolom

What does the word Matrix mean in the Bible?
A: Womb

What book In the Old Testament comes between Obadiah - Micah?
A: Jonah


Which item first appeared in Superior Hotel in Montana in 1908?
A: Gideon Bible

Which of the Apostles is traditionally pictured with a purse?
A:  Matthew

What was number four of the Ten Commandments ?
A: Keep the Sabbath holy

In the creation myth on the fourth day God made what?
A: Sun, Moon, Stars

What was the name of the hill that Solomon built his temple on?
A:  Zion

In the Bible, who read the original writing on the wall?
A:  Daniel


The Seven Pillars of Wisdom comes from where?
A:  Proverbs in the Bible

What was Paul the Apostles real name?
A:  Saul

What did God create on the fifth day ?
A:  Sea creatures and birds

Which biblical prophet was sawn in half inside a hollow log?
A:  Isaiah

Which of Jesus disciples was the treasurer?
A:  Judas Escariot

In the Bible where was Jesus when he ascended into heaven?
A:  Bethany

In the Bible Jesus walked on water, but who else did this?
A:  St Peter - to Jesus from boat

Who climbed Mount Nebo to see promised land?
A: Moses