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Animal Trivia Questions And Answers

Animal trivia quiz questions and answers about various kinds of animals.


Fun Animal Trivia Quiz And Answers

What is a group of pheasants called?
A:  A spring.

A group of Badgers are called a what?
A:  Cete.

What  creature can turn its stomach inside out?
A:  Starfish.

A Samoyed is what kind of animal?
A:  Dog.

What type of creature eats rests and sleeps on its back?
A:  Sea Otter.

What breed of dog did Sigmund Freud use to help his psychoanalysis ?
A:  Chow.

What do woodpecker scalps, porpoise teeth, and giraffe tails have in common?
A:  All have been used as money.


What character in the Jungle Books name means frog?
A:  Mougli

Harp, Elephant and Leopard  are all types of what type of creature?
A: Seals.

Which breed of dog gets its name from the French for "earth"?
A:  Terrier.

The snow leopard is also known as what?
A: Ounce.

A group of swine is called a what?
A:  A spunder.

An oometer is an instrument to measure what?
A:  Birds Eggs.


What order of insects contains the most species?
A:  Beetles.

What do sixty seven percent of dog owners do during holidays?
A:  Buy a present for their dog.

Who owned a horse named Inciticus?
A: Caligula.

The average Caterpillar has 248 muscles in what?
A: Its Head.

Lagomorphs refer to what kind of animal?
A:  Rabbits.

Where or what ,is a birds lore?
A: The space between its eye and its beak.

What part of a frog do you rub to hypnotize it?
A:  Its belly.

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