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Easy Health Trivia Quiz Questions with Answers

What started In 1935, when a stockbroker and a doctor met, what was the result?
A:  Alcoholics Anonymous.

On the TV show ER, what is the character name of Mark Greens daughter?
A: Rachel.

Woman's what are faster than men's?
A:  Heartbeats.

BCG vaccine is used against what type of highly infectious disease?
A:  Tuberculosis.

In the human body, the parotid glands produce what?
A: Saliva.

The average human being grows how much nose hair in a lifetime?
A: About 8 feet.

Which part of the human body contains the most gold.?
A:  Toenails


Where on your body is your patella located?
A: Knee.

If you have caries what kind of doctor would you consult?
A:  Dentist. It's tooth decay

What  disease used to be called consumption?
A: Tuberculosis.

What is the oldest known infectious disease?
A: Leprosy.

If you suffer from cynanthropy what do you think you are?
A:  Dog.

The word "skeleton" is derived from Greek. What is the literal translation?
A: Dried Up.

From what port did the Black Death come to England?
A: Calais.

A normal human body has how many chromosomes?
A: 46.

Two out of 3 adults in the United States suffer from what malady?
A: Hemorrhoids.

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