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Trivia Quiz About Shakespeare

Shakespeare trivia questions with answers.


Trivia Quiz About Shakespeare

The character Caliban appears in which Shakespeare play?
A:  The Tempest.

The main character in Shakespeare's play "Much ado about Nothing" is who?
A:  Leonato

What links Julius Caesar, Hamlet, Macbeth, and Richard III?
A:  All plays contain ghosts.

What Shakespeare play takes place in Ephesus and has two pairs of identical twins?
A:  Comedy of Errors

In which Shakespeare play is "The Green Eyed Monster" mentioned?
A: Othello

What is the name of Shakespeare's simple constable in "Measure for Measure"
A:  Elbow

In the Shakespeare play, who tamed the shrew?
A:  Petrucchio


What Shakespeare King was killed at Pontefract Castle?
A: King Richard III

Yorick In Shakespeare's, Hamlet, what job did Yorick have?
A: Jester.

What Shakespeare play does "You are a saucy boy " come from?
A:  Romeo and Juliet

The Shakespeare play "Much ado About Nothing" ends in marriage of who?
A:  Benedict Beatrice

Who is the son of the witch Sycorax in The Tempest?
A: Caliban

Where did Hamlet send his girlfriend Ophelia?
A:  A Nunnery.

Who was the first non royal to appear on a UK stamp in 1964?
A:  William Shakespeare


In Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice who was Shylocks wife?
A: Leah

 In which Shakespeare play is Baptista Katherine's father ?
A: The Taming of the Shrew

In which Shakespeare play do Robin, Rugby and Simple appear?
A: The Merry Wives of Windsor

Ariel, Miranda and Prospero appear in which Shakespeare play?
A: The Tempest

In Shakespeare's play, King Lear was king of what country?
A:  Britain

Who is the only person to have a Dewey Decimal class named after him?
A:  William Shakespeare

1978, There was a 100 yard long line outside a  Peeking bookstore selling what?
A: Works of Shakespeare for 25 cents.


In a Shakespeare, what is the only Bible book referred to?
A: Numbers in Henry V.

What Shakespearean character had a daughter named Jessica Shylock.

The Sound and the Fury took its title from what other work?
A: Macbeth.

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