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International Trivia Questions and Answers

Fun international trivia quiz questions.


International Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

The colossus of Rhodes was a statue of what God?
A:  Apollo.

The British Raj in India lasted 90 years .  What is the literal translation of Raj?
A:  Rule.

What masked hero first appeared 1919?
A:  Zorro - The Curse of Capistrano.

Thomas Coyrat introduced what Italian custom to England in 1608?
A:  Eating with forks.

Who was poisoned, shot ,  and drowned in the river Neva in 1916?
A:  Rasputin.

In 1928 Simon Bolivar was president of 3 different countries, Bolivia , Columbia and what?
A: Peru.

Who was it that ran the world's first marathon ?
A: Phidipedes


In what country were checkers invented?
A:  Egypt.

In 1937 the BBC televised what sporting event for the first time?
A:  Wimbledon.

What language was The Communist Manifesto written in?
A:  German.

Marie Antoinette wore what color shoes to her beheading?
A: Purple.

In the modern Olympics, what was the first team sport played?
A:  Water Polo.

In ancient Rome brides wore what color wedding dresses?
A:  Yellow.

In 1969 what category was added to the Nobel prizes?
A:  Economics.

The first country to use postcards was what country?
A:  Austria.


The Ladies Mercury in 1693 was the world's first what?
A: Women's magazine.

Who told stories to the evil king Schahriah?
A:  Scheherazade.

In 1869, Hungarian doctor Karolyn Maria Beekert coined what word?
A:   Homosexual.

In 1985, what city was the world's first computer museum opened?
A:  Boston.

The first film star to appear on a postage stamp was who?
A: Grace Kelly.

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