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Literature Trivia Questions And Answers

Free literature trivia quiz questions with answers.


Literature Trivia Questions And Answers

Harry Potter went to school at what school?
A: Hogwarts

Who was the author of Les Miserable?
A:  Victor Hugo

The thought police first appeared in what novel in 1949?
A:  1984 by George Orwell

Who invented the word pandemonium?
A:  John Milton. It was the capitol of hell

Who was the author of Dr Zhivago?
A:  Boris Pasternak

Which poet wrote "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread"?
A: Alexander Pope - essay on criticism


Other than religious works what is the world's top selling book?
A:  Guinness Book of Records 

What fictional character lived at 7 Savile Row?
A:  Phileas Fogg

What is Inspector Teal's name in the Saint series of books?
A:  Claude Eustace Teal

James Bond flew "Little Nellie" in which Bond movie?
A:  You Only Live Twice

What author wrote the book " the Cyborg" which was the basis for the $ 6 million man?
A:  Martin Caidin

Who wrote the surreal novel Tarantula?
A:  Bob Dylan


What do the JK mean in J K Rowling, the author who wrote the Harry Potter series?
A:  Joanne Kathleen

Dick Tracy was created by which author?
A:  Chester Gould

Breakfast at Tiffany's was written by which author?
A:  Truman Capote

In literature who is the alter ego of Percy Blakney?
A:  The Scarlet Pimpernel

James Herriot's real name was what?
A: Alfred White

What author wrote Kaleidoscope,  Daddy, Palomino, and Changes?
A:  Danielle Steele

Which Dickens novel is considered an autobiography?
A: David Copperfield

In what book does Humpty Dumpty first appear?
A:  Through the looking Glass