Nature Trivia Questions with the Answers

Free fun interesting nature trivia quiz questions and answers.


Nature Trivia Questions with the Answers

What kind of tree loses its leaves in the winter?
A: Deciduous

A sound below 20 cycles per second is called a what?
A: Woof.

Baleen, Boops, Fin, Grampus and Pothead are what kind of animals?
A: Whales.

Broccoli belongs to which plant family?
A: Cabbage.

The Sirocco, Mistral and Chinook are what?
A: Winds.

Emerald is the birth stone for which month?
A: May.

Ireland and New Zealand are the only countries that don't have what type of creatures?
A: Native Snakes.


Vaccimulgence means doing what?
A: Milking a cow.

The linden tree is also called the what tree?
A: Lime.

What is the more common name for blue corundum?
A: Sapphire.

What plant provides us with linseed oil?
A: Flax.

What are Mauna Loa, Paricutin, Surtsey and Susya ?
A: Volcanoes.

What is a more common name for the araucaria tree?
A: The Monkey Puzzle tree.

For January, what is the birth flower ?
A: Carnation.


What is the color of the flesh of the Charentais melon?
A: Orange.

Hiawatha's father was who?
A: Mudjekeewis – The West Wind.

What is the real name for a walnut tree?
A: Juglans Regia.

Marfona, Romano and Pentland Javelin are varieties of what?
A: Potatoes.

The plant Hedera Helix is also known as what?
A: Ivy.


What is the more common name for the Lent Lilly?
A: Daffodil.

What's the birth totem for march according to Earth Medicine?
A: The Falcon.

Wolf's-bane is the source of what poison?
A: Aconite.

The gemstone peridot is what color?
A: Green.

What is the name of the only lake in Scotland, the rest are lochs?
A: Monteith.


What is the world's largest seed?
A: Coco-de-mare palm – double coconut.

What did Francis Bacon call The Purest of Pleasures?
A: The Garden.

Which microbe produces alcohol?
A: Yeast.