Nature Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

Free fun nature trivia quiz and answers


Nature Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

All living things contain what?
A: Water.

Duncan, Burgundy and Marsh are varieties of what?
A: Grapefruit.

Geotropism affects what?
A: Plants. It's a gravity growth response.

Twenty five percent of the adult male population of the United Kingdom are what?
A: Over 6 feet tall.

Opaque 2 is a modern variety of what?
A: Maize.

Where do the White and Blue Niles join?
A: Khartoum - in Sudan.

Lake Tittikaka is located in Bolivia and what other country?
A: Peru.


What shape is a saggitated leaf?
A: Arrow shaped.

What plant has flowers but no leaves?
A: Cactus.

What is your flower if you were born in March?
A: Violet.

The only river that flows both north and south of equator is what?
A: The Congo.

The Vietnamese call it The Brother, the Chinese call it The Friend, but what is it?
A: Bamboo.

What is a naked lady?
A: It's a plant, a Colchinium.

Rice is grown in flooded paddy's for what reason?
A: To drown the weeds.


Only two elements are liquid at room temperature, mercury and what?
A: Bromine.

Poison oak and poison ivy belong to what general plant family?
A: Cashew.

The Golden Rain is another name for what tree?
A: Laburnum.

Balsa wood derived its name from the Spanish word for what?
A: Raft.

The Anatolian, Atacama, Nafud and Zirreh are what?
A: Deserts.

The flower of September is what?
A: Aster or Morning Glory.

The hop-low is the world's smallest what ?
A: Mushroom.


What is a Prunis Domesticia?
A: Plum.

The windhover is another name for what bird?
A: Kestrel.

What animal would you see doing a stoop ?
A: A falcon diving.

What are Barbara, Carignan, Cinsaut, and Nebbilo?
A: Varieties of Italian wine grapes.

Which tropical holiday islands have no rivers or lakes?
A: Bermuda.

An aphyllus plant has what characteristic?
A: No leaves.

What is located on Boothia's peninsula in Canada?
A: Magnetic North Pole.

What city has the world's hottest average temperature?
A: Dallol Ethiopia.

What cooler is Llamas milk?
A: Yellow.

The word planet comes from the Greek that means what?
A: Wanderers.