Nature Trivia Questions And Answers

Free miscellaneous nature trivia quiz questions with answers


Nature Trivia Questions And Answers

What do Bass, Messina, Hormuz and Torres all have in common?
A: They are straits of water.

What are the Chiuhauhan, Nubian, and Alaskan?
A: Deserts.

What is the more common name for the spice Myrastica fragrens?
A: Nutmeg.

The Ngorogoro crater is in what Tanzanian National Park?
A: Serengeti.

Seventy two percent of what country is covered by forest?
A: Finland.

What is litmus derived from?
A: Lichens.


What type of geological fault is the San Andreas fault?
A: Conservative.

What flower is the symbol of culture?
A: The Lotus.

What are Alicante, Money-maker and Ailsa Craig varieties of?
A: Tomatoes.

What does a petrologist study?
A: Rocks history formation etc.

What is the only American state that does not have a natural lake?
A: West Virginia.

There are only two three-letter herbs, Rue is one what's the other?
A: Bay.

Gean, Northern bird and Dwarf all varieties of what ?
A: Cherry Trees.

Charcoal Sulphur Saltpetre are the ingredients for what?
A: Gunpowder.

The most money is spent on what hobby?
A: Gardening.


What come in types Transverse, Scimitar, and Barchan?
A: Sand Dunes.

What do oak leaves mean?
A: Bravery.

Bees live in a hive, but what do seals live in?
A: A Rookery.

What color is a sunburned turnip?
A: Green.

What did alchemists seek to turn into gold?
A: Base metals.

Zoologists call the leader of a wolf pack the what?
A: The alpha male.

Peach pear and plum are all members of what family of plants?
A: Roses.


What palindromic grass grows at the seashore?
A: Marram.

What are Cardinal, Barlinka and Napoleon varieties of?
A: Black Grapes.

Where would you find a Fumerole or Solfatara?
A: It's a hole on the side of a Volcano.

Which element has a name that comes from the Greek word meaning lazy?
A: Argon.

What American state has Americas highest mountain?
A: Alaska - Mount McKinley.

What is the common two word name for Yuca Brevifolia?
A: Joshua Tree.

What comes in types Blue, Spear, Couch and Arrow?
A: Grass.