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Mike and Molly TV Trivia Questions and Answers

'Mike and Molly' trivia quiz questions with answers


Mike and Molly TV Trivia Quiz Questions

Who created the Mike & Molly sitcom?
A:  Mark Roberts.

On which Television network did the show premiere?
A: On CBS.

What was the date of the premiere of the Mike and Molly show?
A: On September 20, 2010.

Who are the two stars of the show?
A: Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy .

On March 13, 2014, CBS renewed Mike & Molly for a fifth season, which premiered on what date?
A: December 8, 2014.

Billy Gardell has the role of who?
A:  Officer Michael "Mike" Biggs, a Chicago Police officer.

Mike  doesn't appear to be a deep thinker, but he's what?
A: Good-hearted and humorous.


Mike usually gives in to his mother's demands which doesn't please who?
A: Molly.

Melissa McCarthy plays what character on the show?
A: Molly Flynn.

What is Molly's job?
A: Molly is a fourth-grade teacher.

What school does Molly teach at?
A:  Walter Payton Elementary School.

Mike and Molly are both attempting to lose what?
A: Weight.

Molly is the rational member of her family, but is known to have a quick what?
A: Temper.

Reno Wilson plays the part of who?
A: Officer Carlton "Carl" McMillan, a Chicago Police officer.


Carl is Mike's what?
A: Partner and best friend.

Carl has lots of self-pity, owing to his mother doing what?
A: Abandoning him.

He lived with his grandmother for quite a while until she finally made him move into what?
A: His own apartment.

Carl is a huge fan of  what kind of music?
A: Soul and gospel music.

Katy Mixon plays the role of who?
A:  Victoria Flynn, Molly's dimwitted, kindhearted, party-girl sister.

Victoria is often high on what?
A: Marijuana.

Victoria does what for a living?
A:She is a funeral-home beautician.


 She likes to have fun and sleep around, frequently with who?
A: Married men.

Swoosie Kurtz plays the part of who?
A: Joyce Moranto, mother of Molly and Victoria.

Widowed when her daughters were young, when did she begin dating Vincent Moranto?
A: In Season 1.

Joyce is very modern and attempts to stay what?
A: Youthful.

Joyce drinks heavily and has a hair-trigger what?
A: Temper.

Nyambi Nyambi plays the part of who?
A:  Samuel, a sarcastic waiter at the restaurant where Mike and Carl eat.

Samuel is also a close friend to who?
A: Mike, Carl, and eventually Molly.


Where is Samuel from?
A: Senegal.

Louis Mustillo plays the part of who?
A:  Vincent "Vince" Moranto.

Vincent is Joyce's on/off boyfriend, then fiancé', now what?
A: Joyce's husband and Molly and Victoria's stepfather.

Vincent is a widower who tends to be flirty, chauvinistic, and what?
A: Sarcastic.

Vince is a high-school dropout and he's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he what?
A: Cares deeply for Joyce.

Rondi Reed plays the part of who?
A: Margaret "Peggy" Biggs, Mike's mother.

She is very controlling and traditional, as well as what?
A: Grumpy and cranky.

Cleo King plays the part of who?
A:  Rosetta McMillan, Carl's grandmother.

Rosetta is very traditional and loves her grandson, but is outwardly annoyed by Carl's what?
A: Behavior.

Rosetta has a big heart and treats Mike, who calls her "Nana", like a what?
A: Second grandson.

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