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Fun Easy Music Trivia For Seniors 60s 70s 80s

Music Trivia quiz questions for seniors from the 60s,70s, and 80s with answers


Music Trivia For Seniors

Who married Julianne Phillips in May 1985 in Oregon?
A: Bruce Springsteen.

Which cuddly toy was the title of an Elvis Presley hit from 1957?
A: Teddy Bear.

Roger McGuinn made No 1 while with which group?
A: The Byrds.

Who took Venus to No 1 in 1970?
A: Shocking Blue.

Which group replaced Boyz II Men's End Of The Road at No 1?
A: The Heights.

Which film provided a best-selling album for Whitney Houston?
A: The Bodyguard.

Who had a 70s No 1 with The Joker?
A: Steve Miller Band.


Which record spent most weeks in the top ten in the 60s?
A: The Twist (Chubby Checker).

Who played the heavy metal guitar on Michael Jackson's Beat It?
A: Eddie Van Halen.

Whose autobiography was titled Laughter in the Rain?
A: Neil Sadaka.

Which band produced the mega selling  album Rumours?
A: Fleetwood Mac.

Which ex-Beatle had a solo NO 1 with Got My Mind Set On You?
A: George Harrison.

Who had a No 1 hit with Wendy?
A: Association.

Which group was formed by Maurice White?
A: Earth, Wind, and Fire.


What was the last of John Denver's four No 1s?
A: I'm Sorry.

Which song was a huge hit for Nilsson and Mariah Carey?
A: Without You.

The Monkees took the last train to where?
A: Clarksville.

What was on the other side of the No 1 single Come Together?
A; Something (The Beatles).

Who duetted with Michael Jackson on the first single from the Bad album?
A: Siedah Garret.

What was Elton John's first American label?

Who sang with Elton John on Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me?
A: George Michael.


Which European country did Roxette come from?
A: Sweden.

Who had hits with Hats Off To Larry and Little Town Flirt?
A: Del. Shannon.

Which label did The Eagles record on throughout the 70s?
A: Asylum.

What was Debbie Gibson's first top ten hit?
A: Only In My Dreams.

Who had a 1980 No 1 with Woman In Love?
A: Barbra Streisand.

Which band declared There'll Be A Heartache Tonight?
A: The Eagles.

Who made NO 1 with Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye?
A: Steam.


Who produced the album Jagged Little Pill?
A: Glenn Ballard.

What was the first digit of Elvis Presley's army number?
A: 5.

In 1991 Whitney Houston raised funds for which war with a recording of the Star Spangled Banner?
A: Gulf War.

Who charted with the old Supremes hit You Can't Hurry Love?
A: Phil Collins.

Who got up to Hanky Panky before Madonna did in the 90s?
A: Tommy James & the Shondells.

How many No 1 singles did the Bee Gees have in the 70s?
A: Nine.

Which Bruce born in Texas in 1940 had a 60s No 1?
A: Bruce Channel.


Who had a 1995 hit with Take A Bow?
A: Madonna.

Who had a No 1 with Hit The Road Jack?
A: Ray Charles.

Whose Orchestra played The Good, The Bad And The Ugly?
A: Hugo Montenegro.

Which girl group were Barbara Lee, Patricia Bennett, Sylvia Peterson and Judy Craig?
A: The Chiffons.

Who duetted on the 1992 version of Crying with Roy Orbison?
A: K. D. Lang.

In which decade was Elton John's original Candle In The Wind a hit?
A: 70s.

Which Mr. Marx had a hat trick of No 1 hits in the late 80s?
A: Richard.

What was Paul Mauriat's big 60s instrumental hit?
A: Love Is Blue.

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