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ZZ Top Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

ZZ Top trivia questions with answers


ZZ Top Trivia Quiz Questions and Answers

What is ZZ Top?
A: ZZ Top is an American rock band.

When did the band form?
A: In 1969.

Where was the band formed?
A: In Houston, Texas.

Who are the members of ZZ Top?
A: Guitarist and lead vocalist Billy Gibbons, bassist and co-lead vocalist Dusty Hill, and drummer Frank Beard.

ZZ Top is one of the few major label recording groups to have held the same lineup for how long?
A: More than forty years.

ZZ Top has been praised by critics and fellow musicians alike for their what?
A: Technical mastery.

Who managed ZZ Top?
A: Bill Ham, who had befriended Gibbons a year earlier.


The band released their first single, "Salt Lick", in what year?
A: 1969.

The B-side contained what song?
A:  "Miller's Farm".

Immediately after the recording of "Salt Lick", Greig was replaced by whom?
A: Bassist Billy Ethridge.

Mitchell was replaced by whom?
A: Frank Beard of the American Blues.

Gibbons assumed the role as the band?s leader and became the what?
A: Main lyricist and musical arranger.

ZZ Top released what album in 1973?
A: Tres Hombres.

The album included the boogie-driven "La Grange", which was written about what?
A: A brothel in La Grange, Texas.


On the subsequent tour, the band performed sold-out concerts where?
A: In the US.

What did ZZ Top record during this tour?
A: The live tracks for their 1975 album, Fandango!

The album showcased their prowess in doing what?
A: Exciting live audiences.

Fandango! was a top ten album and its single, "Tush", peaked at what number on the Billboard Hot 100?
A: No. 20.

The band went on a two year break, during which Gibbons and Hill grew what?
A: Chest-length beards.

In 1979, ZZ Top signed with what record company?
A: Warner Bros. Records.

In 1979, they released what album?
A: Deg?llo.


While the album went platinum, it only reached number what on the Billboard chart?
A: No. 24.

The album produced what two singles?
A:  "I Thank You," a cover of a song recorded by Sam & Dave, and "Cheap Sunglasses."

In April 1980, ZZ Top made their first appearance where?
A: In Europe, performing for the German music television show Rockpalast.

When was their next album, El Loco, released?
A: In October 1981.

El Loco featured what three singles?
A: "Tube Snake Boogie", "Pearl Necklace", and "Leila".

ZZ Top's next album was called what?
A: Eliminator, released in March 1983.

The album featured what two Top 40 singles?
A:  "Gimme All Your Lovin'" and "Legs".


Eliminator was a critical and commercial success, selling how many copies?
A: More than 10 million.

The band won their first MTV Video Music Awards in the categories of Best Group Video for what song?
A: "Legs,"

1985's Afterburner album was their what?
A: Highest-charting album, and racking up sales of 5 million units.

All of the singles from Afterburner were what?
A: Top 40 hits.

Recycler, released in 1990, was ZZ Top's last studio album under contract with whom?
A: Warner Records.

In 1992, Warner released what?
A: ZZ Top's Greatest Hits.

In 1994 the band signed to a $35 million deal with what company?
A:  RCA Records.

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